Accelerate action on money laundering bill, ANEEJ tasks NASS

The Executive Director of the African Network for Environment and Economic Justice (ANEEJ), David Ugolor, said there is the need for the National assembly to accelerate action in the passage of the Money Laundering Prevention and Prohibition Bill.

Ugolor, at the launching of the report of the implementation of 2016 London Anti-Corruption summit and GFAR commitments in Nigeria, in Abuja, on Monday, said that though commendable progress has been made in the establishment of transparency and accountability in the recovery and utilization of looted assets but expressed concern over the slow pace of legislative action in the passage of the Proceeds of Crime Bill which is expected to institutionalize the good practice in the areas.

He said that for the country to make reasonable progress in keeping to the commitments, civil societies must intensify its advocacy efforts in ensuring that the commitments are properly implemented, stressing the need that the advocacy strategy must move beyond critical approach to meaningful engagement.

ANEEJ also appealed that relevant stakeholder including state actors, civil society organizations, organised private sector, trade and labour unions, faith-based groups and the media to leverage on the framework provided by these commitments to improve the overall governance regime in the country.

He stressed that federal government must take the lead in ensuring there is a functional coordinating framework that ensures its reforms as required under its international and national obligations are streamlined and duly monitored.

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