Benue rerun: SNP candidate warns supporters against violence

Governorship candidate of the Sustainable National Party (SNP) in Benue state, Mr Gabriel Hemba has cautioned his supporters against violence during the rerun election scheduled to hold on Saturday.   

Addressing his supporters Wednesday in Makurdi, he said his party is strongly in support of the view that no election is worth the blood of any Nigerian.

He stated that his party was against electoral violence, ballot box snatching, ballot stuffing, intimidation and harassment of voters in any election in the state.  

He said though the collation and announcement of governorship election results came to a halt in the state, it was necessary for those affected to restrain themselves from directing INEC on what to do in an election process adding, “we can only push for strict adherence to the rules and provisions of the law.”

Mr Hemba who recently stepped down for Governor Ortom noted that  the idea of inconclusive election was alien, novel and demeaning in Benue state, particularly in a situation where an election has a clear winner. 

“For those of us who have been committed and concerned in the ongoing process, the March 9 election was credible, free and fair. 

“The decision for inconclusive election was therefore, suspected to be an attempt to shift the goal post in the middle of the game. 

“We are pained to say having made the “pronouncement, INEC can no more reverse itself. It is in the realization of this that I call on the Benue electorate particularly in areas where the supplementary election is to be conducted never to be daunted.

“Let them come out, be focused and firm in their decision to vote Governor Ortom. This is the only sacrifice we can make for our dear state,” he added.

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