Don’t impose NASS leadership on APC, Commander tells Tinubu

Chieftain of All Progressives Congress in Kano state Alhaji Abdulmajid Danbilki Commander has urged Northern politicians to halt Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s insistence on imposing the leadership of the 9th National Assembly.

The staunch political associate of President Muhammadu Buhari accused the APC national leader of using fiat to determine the new leadership of the National Assembly.

In a press statement in Kano, Commander said  it was high time northern politicians began to detach themselves from the influence of Asiwaju, whom he accused of being dictatorial saying that the APC has greatly suffered under his capricious design.

According to him, Tinibu as a politician had forgot the way and manner the northern part of the country fought some maverick politicians to a stand-still affirming that it would be foolhardy for politicians in the north to play second fiddle in the present democratic dispensation.

He wondered why northern politicians should allow Tinubu to dictate the tune of northern politics at the expense of those who had fought tooth and nail in making the APC formidable.

He posited that the rot that had permeated the party in the past was as a result of leadership crisis and could partly be attributed to his dictatorial permutations.

“Northern politicians should no longer be used as cannon-fodders in promoting the egocentric postulations of a certain politician since they were in position to discern what is politically expedient in Nigeria’s democratic setting.

“The will of an individual must not be allowed to surpass the collective interest of those having a stake in the polity”, he said.

Commenting on the present tussle for the leadership of the upper and lower chamber of the National Assembly, the APC chieftain further said “the will of the majority must be allowed to prevail against the  primordial interest of certain individual”, stressing that imposing leaders on the two legislative chambers at the instance of Tinibu would be counterproductive.

He said northern politicians in both chambers have Senator  Ali Ndume as their preferred choice not Senator Ahamed Lawan with Umar Babu tipped by many in the lower chamber to be the Speaker.

He said zoning the leaderships of the two chambers has been captured in the constitution by way of the federal character principles, adding that the will of the majority should ideally be allowed to prevail.

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