I’ll defeat APC, PDP candidates, PRP candidate boasts

A senatorial candidate on the platform of the People’s Redemption Party (PRP) in Bauchi Central, Alhaji Bappa Aliyu Misau, has vowed to defeat Mr Halliru Jika, and Senator Hamma Misau, both flag bearers of the All Progressives Congress, and Peoples Democratic Party, respectively at the rescheduled February 23 general elections. 

Speaking while reacting to the postponement of the general elections, Bappa Misau who, said the issue will generate voter apathy among the electorate, however,
said he would defeat the other two major contenders because of their inability to represent their constituencies effectively.

Recalling that he left the APC because he was denied the senatorial ticket after contributing to its stability in the state, Bappa said the February elections would be won on the basis of competence and ability to deliver representative leadership and not on party platforms.
“Ask anybody in the state and you will be told that before three persons who contributed to the emergence of APC in Bauchi are counted, I will be mentioned.

“Yet, during the so-called primary elections, somebody who won four out of the six local government areas in the senatorial district was denied. And my people said they will vote me irrespective of the party platform.

“So, in the forthcoming election, I will emerge victorious notwithstanding that I am contesting under PRP. Everybody knows that Hamma Misau has wasted the four years of the senatorial district. He has done nothing to show for it. Likewise, the APC candidate, Halliru Jika. My people will vote personality, not party,” he said.

Also, Bappa was confident President Buhari would win the rescheduled election based on credibility, which he said remains the president’s best asset. The candidate assured that he would continue to remain an avid supporter of Buhari even as a PRP member.

He also expressed confidence in the ability of the Independent National Electoral Commission to conduct free, fair and credible polls, stressing that the postponement of the election had no ulterior intention either from the commission or the Presidency. 

“The integrity of the INEC is not in doubt. If not for the unfortunate issue of logistics challenges that forced the Commission to postpone the polls, the 2019 polls would be described as the best in the history of the electoral process in Nigeria,” he stated.

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