Mantu tasks Nigerians to condemn unlawful actions

Former Deputy Senate President, Senator Ibrahim Mantu has urged the nation to criticize every unlawful actions in the country.

Mantu at a book launch titled “ Legacy of Atiku Abubakar on Nation-Building”in Abuja recently said Nigerians should condemn every wrong act irrespective of whatever administration is in charge with the recent happening around us showing its ugly head like that of the burnt down INEC offices in this critical time of our elections fast approaching. 

In his words: “We have had a long interrupted democratic rule, and I expect that by now we would have grown passed this stage as a nation just like other advanced countries. 

According to Sen. Mantu who was the Chairman of the occasion said, “as a born again politician, I advice my colleagues to path with the old ways of doing things and begin to carry out the dictates of our constitution and have the fear of God in ruling the nation. 

He further said that the change Nigerians should be watching out for should be the kind that one tribe or religion would speak good and positive of the other just as the author of the book launch did.

“The new Nigeria is where a man from a totally different tribe and religion is appraising another when deemed fit. Just as Reverend saw a good motive of Atiku and he took it upon himself to do develop on it by this initiative is a welcome change that gives one hope on a new Nigeria we are about to experience.

Earlier, the author of the book Rev. Chukwudi Omordi Eke said the exemplary lifestyle and trail print by Atiku brought about the interest to write about him.

“The drive for this book came as a result of Atiku being a exemplary leader and his capacity to create jobs in his early age of 15, when he built a house for his mother from his vocational job employed different hands to enjoin him in the building which made him unique,” he said. 

Eke urged Nigerians to go out and vote wisely and peacefully, ensuring everyone reports whatever is witnessed illegal during the election.

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