My invention will save FG N1.2trn forex – Agada

Egnr Agada Sunday Ojonimi a Nigerian inventor who received an award for developing the e-voting device has invented a speed limit tracker for motorists and their passengers for safety from accidents, robbery, and from other eventualities. BINTA SHAMA reports.

Due to the uniformity and acceptance of technology across the world, you find under-aged children driving themselves around without supervision of an adult, and kids as well as adults getting kidnapped due to one flimsy mistake or the other. This indigenous innovator has come up with an invention that will benefit both old and young and also put the minds of parents and guardians at rest in the absence of any form of supervision.

Ojonimi, is said to have developed such invention to make Nigeria a better and more conducive place to dwell in.

The invention

The tracking application, speed metre is developed for both passengers and drivers, it was an invention I showcased at the last Expo in Enugu which took place recently.

Critically viewing the invention, the driver’s version of the android tells you of how you are over speeding.

However, on gross speed violation, it has a limiter that communicates directly via Bluetooth connection to take control away from the driver but if violation, at the logger’s alert the driver slows down and in return will not send any information to the limiter which in that way the driver can be within the specified speed limit required by the programme.

Benefits of tracking application speed metre

On the other hand, the passenger’s version has the ability to tell the passengers the speed of the vehicle when on board and give a provision to enter their present location and definition location and also gives them the provision to enter the numbers of their guidance or as many people as they desire in the course of the passenger wanting to watch their backs so that while he or she are on board. With the driver’s version, if there is violation, report will reach the guardian via text message automatically with the global positioning system (GPS) of the place and with the speed of which the vehicle is moving and all the details of happenings, like total information of driver and vehicle, seeing the exact situation accordingly etc.

In case of emergencies or accidents, the information on the phone can take them to the accident scene because it has the option of going to Google map and like in the case of armed robbery, it can send you an information in form of an SOS which on the other hand can mobilise and reach out to the police does quick response to the security operatives you can use that to send them information in order to send help in emergency states.

Factors that could cause accidents

The tracker is aimed at reducing road traffic crash to avoid the basic factors that brings about crash while driving. In my own design I brought out three factors namely, the traffic crash triangle in which I look into barriers on the road contributing to the crash, pot holes and over speeding which are usually seen as primary reasons. This is what I used as an embodiment of my designs and all designs are at helping our motorists via federal road safety which they are not willing to accept the invention because they claim to have gone into agreement with other partners importing same in to the country.

Saving Nigeria N1.2trn capital flight

Critically observing, my invention goes for 15 thousand naira while that which they intend to import into the country goes for 40 thousand naira. Checking out the difference, you will see the great difference because via calculation, I have come to understand that ‘my invention will save the federal government 1.2 trillion naira of capital flight’ because you know those things are not made in Nigeria so they will have to import them in here which Nigeria will have to double up their naira currency to convert it to foreign one and input it into Nigeria which is what is contributing to the capital flight and this is not good for the country whether now or later because the embodiment of my invention is not existing in their own product.

Inferiority of imported goods to the invention

Their own product is just a square metre but my own passenger/driver’s version is there and you can track their activities and if there is a law passed, you will be able to track all cars on the roads of this nation which would reduce accidents (loss of lives, major or minor injuries), theft, and robbery etc. All you need to do is that even if you don’t have a limiter, you can monitor your speed which will give caution because of the speed limit. For instance if you are to go on 80km/hr and you are moving on 100km/hr you can be booked and asked to pay. No security operatives will have to come after you because everything is automated but I hope to upgrade because last year when I was awarded a grant I promised to come up with a better version which comprises of tracking and speed limiting device which I am just done with the programming, just remaining for me to put it on board and make it a product.

It gives you the tracking facility along with the limiting device. If you are acquiring that, you are also acquiring the tracker device alongside. Anybody can use it, the driver’s own goes with a speed limiting device while the passenger is only on their android that is just the difference between the two. For your information, we have different types of this device because the federal government has given license for so many business to run this in the market, import and install in vehicles to be used in Nigeria and so many of them are directly connected to the electrical control unit (ECU) of the vehicle and complains reaching that such initiative has caused a lot of damages to the engines of vehicles but while mine is connected to the fuel pump. On gross violation, it limits the voltage and the quantity of flow that fuel pump can admit into the combustion chamber, so it has nothing to do with the ECU nor cause damage to the engine of vehicles peradventure my invention is used.

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