Speakership: In fairness to North-central

Democracy is a game of numbers but in some cases, some measures are introduced to give some set of people a sense of belonging. In Nigeria, zoning has to been introduced for peace and unity to reign because of the country’s different tribes, religions and geo-political zones. 

As the people of Nigeria look forward to the inauguration of the next elected leaders, the leadership of the national assembly has become an issue that must be tackled with utmost sincerity, a level playing ground to give each zone a sense of belonging; the emergence of leaders of the eighth assembly is still fresh in the minds of Nigerians. 

The leadership of the ruling party handpicked some people to led the house, this didn’t go down well with some of the legislators, leading to a kind of revolt or conspiracy by some APC legislators conniving with opposition members to elect leaders for the national assembly. 

As the day for the inauguration of new leaders of national assembly approaches, the ruling APC is still making the same mistake by handpicking individuals to lead the ninth assembly instead of zoning them. 

President Muhammadu Buhari is from North-west, the zone that gave the APC the highest votes, Vice-President Osinbanjo is from South-west, a zone that came fourth in terms of votes for the APC, yet the party is still insisting on zoning the speaker of the House of Representatives to the South-west despite the cries from the people of North-Central that gave APC the third highest votes. 

The North-east that got APC the second highest votes has been rewarded with senate president, leaving the North-central with nothing to show for their commitment to APC.

As much as the party’s decision needs to be respected, it should also be noted that the decision and wishes of the people are important as there is no party without the people. So it is my belief, APC should respect the wishes of the people of North-central. 

Traditional leaders, political leaders, youth organisations from the North-central have all indicated their wishes that the ninth speaker of House of Representatives should come from the zone , it is my hope and prayers that the leadership of the APC would listen to the wishes of these people in order not to jeopardise the chances of the party in the zone .

One name that has continued to be on the lips of the people for the speaker of House of Representatives is Hon Umar Mohammed Bago, representing Chanchanga federal constituency, Niger state.

As the eighth assembly comes to an end, it is the hope of the people of North-central that APC will do the right thing, and will make sure equity comes to play and zone the speaker to the North-central. 

Ahmed Haruna,

Lugbe, Abuja. 

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