0sun: Regular payment of salary, my covenant with God, says Oyetola

Osun state governor, Adegboyega Oyetola, has allayed the fears of workers over the insinuations that he will not continue with the regular payment of salaries and pensions if reelected governor of the state.

He said payments of workers has been a covenant he made with God, promsing that nothing would stop him from fulfilling his promises.

Speaking at Ikire during the consultation visit to Irewole/Isokan/Ayedaade federal constituency, Oyetola assured workers never to doubt him on the payment of salary of workers and pensioners’ 

He warned members of his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), not to fall victim of ‘political robbers’ that are promising them loan because of election.

He described the promise as a ‘mere deceit’ to collect their card and deny them the opportunity to elect their choice in the coming primary election. 

He said, “I want to appeal to you to keep your party registration card. We learnt that some dishonest people have printed form that they will give you loan. Do not fall for their tricks. They wanted to collect what you have with their lies. The loan they did not give you about two years ago, election is near and they now think of sharing loan. Don’t let them collect it from you.”

Oyetola who was hosted by his deputy, Benedict Alabi and his Commissioner for Finance, Bola Oyebamiji, boasted of victory in the coming primary election.
Noting that he is ready for any method the party may want to use for the primary, Oyetola said, “whether direct or indirect, we are confident.”

“Let your meeting be regular. If you see any stranger in your meeting, quickly raise alarm. We don’t know their plan. I’m happy there is no unit that we don’t recognise one another.

“They have collected form for me to contest for second term. I am confident because God and party members are behind me. I am bold that God gave me the opportunity to serve better. God helped me to do what people think we won’t be able to do. I’m happy. I don’t know we have done so much like that. I’m fulfilling my promises. I still have a lot to do with the help of God,” he added.

“Workers should not fear. Some people have been saying whether I will continue with the regular payment of salary if I’m reelected. It is a covenant I made with God. It is not my power, it is God. I don’t have any fear about governance,” Oyetola boasted.