100m nomination fee: ADC woos Nigerians, condemns APC, PDP

Opposition African Democratic Congress (ADC) has condemned the high cost of nomination fee for the presidential aspirants released by the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC). 

The ADC asked Nigerians to take advantage of its “considerable cost” to reject both the APC and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

While APC fixed N100 million for its presidential nomination forms, PDP fixed N45 millions for its presidential nomination forms.
But in a statement nade available to Blueprint Thursday through its National Director of Communications and Programs, Barr. Ifenla Oligbinde, said that in addition to the free forms for the women and physically challenged Nigerians, ADC has fixed its presidential fee at N25m, Governorship at N12m, Senate at 2.5m, House of Reps at N1.5m and State House of Assembly at N500k.

Oligbinde said the fee has positioned ADC as the party with the most considerable fee for Expression of Interest and Nomination Form.

“The ADC had opened its doors to Nigerian Youths, Women and Persons with Disabilities through its 35 + 35% allocation for elective and appointive positions. In addition, the party made forms free for these categories who want to run for office in the 2023 general elections, especially youths between the age of 18 – 35.

“We are not surprised at the high fees of forms released by other parties. These parties can afford to throw money around without any sense of responsibility because the money isn’t theirs to start with. 

“When tax payers money and public fund has become heirloom to be passed from family to family, it is only normal for them to use embezzled money to purchase forms, so they can rig elections to secure their ill-gotten mandate. 

“Nigerians must take a stand for responsible leadership moving forward. No more standing on the fence, while others decide the future of our unborn generation.”

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