10th anniversary: Kudos, Blueprint

It’s not an easy task to operate a newspaper organisation in this part of challenging world (Nigeria), where insecurity dominates discourse among the citizenry. Congratulations to Blueprint newspaper for its ten years of operations despite the harsh economy; the newspaper has been making remarkable contributions to the nation’s development.

The paper has a unique characteristics compared to other newspaper outfits within and outside Nigeria. These distinguishing factors which include reliable, accurate, objective and fairness make it to have more patronage than others.

However, despite the nation’s challenges the paper never shut down for a single minute all in its quest to ensure unity among Nigerians. Similarly, within the ten years of its operations, it covered almost every part of Nigeria and beyond, and this is done without bias.

Blueprint newspaper has gone beyond the function of educating, informing, enlightening and entertaining to contribute to the growth and development of the nation as well as protecting the lives and property of the citizens through its reportage.

It plays a very significant role in the fight against insecurity bedevilling the nation for nearly two decades ranging from religious crisis, communal clashes, banditry, kidnapping, among others. On corruption, the newspaper uncovered the activities of some politicians who embezzled public funds.

As one of the most readable newspapers in Nigeria, Blueprint is easily accessible to readers both in urban and rural areas; it also gives priority to rural dwellers by bringing them closer to government, in order to develop such communities.

The newspaper organisation recorded tremendous successes that no Nigerian newspaper ever achieved within its short time of operations. There is in no way Blueprint newspaper can be influenced to alter stories not favourable to the society.

Therefore, Blueprint newspaper needs to be hailed for the extraordinary work it has been doing for Nigeria especially in the fight against insecurity; government at this juncture should provide an enabling environment for the Nigerian media in order to ensure smooth flow of information as democracy dictates.

Gimbiya William,

Department of Mass Communication,

University of Maiduguri

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