160m Nigerians at risk of Yellow fever – WHO 

At least 160 million of Nigeria’s estimated 206 million people are currently in danger of contracting the Yellow fever disease, the World Health Organisation (WHO), has said.

The global health organization said the number represents almost 25% of all Africans at risk of the disease.

It established that the nation had immunized around 45 million people against the disease during the last two years of the Coronavirus pandemic, which is about twice as many as during the epidemic’s raging outbreak.

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) provided the estimated vaccination figure at the time of filming two films for the WHO Africa region’s Eliminate Yellow Fever Epidemics (EYE) Strategy, according to a recent publication on the organisation’s website.

The EYE Strategy, a collaboration between the WHO, UNICEF, and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, was established in response to Yellow fever and designated Nigeria as a high-risk nation.

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