20 Women trained on gender digital inclusion in Gombe

No fewer than 20 women in Gombe state have been trained on gender digital inclusion and use of internet and social media to make ends meet.

The training was organised by Khalid Muhammad who participated in the just concluded Bauchi feminist Internet School organised by the Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD)

He said the Gombe training is to step down the knowledge gained during the four days drill in Bauchi which is aimed at increasing the number of female internet users.

“This training is also expected to merge the gap between male and female internet users and to also give the female a chance to have their voice heard.

“After the Bauchi training I then realized that there is the need for me to also step-down the knowledge gain.

 “Women can be empowered by the use of internet, I believe with this training the participants can move from the use social media for greetings to money making venture,” he said.

Some of the participants interviewed expressed their happiness over the drill which they said has opened their eye to the business prospect of the internet.

According to one of the participant Sadiya Aliyu ; “I have been online for the past five years however, I never knew of the business prospect, now with this knowledge gained today am going to start up an online business”.

Rabi Umar a resident of Gombe metropolis also reveals that the training has helped her to know of other way of making her online presence valuable. “With this training I believe Gombe will be turn around in terms having more women being involved with science and technology most especially the internet and research aspect,” Rabi said.

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