2015: Kuffor visits APC leaders on fact finding

The former Ghanaian president and the Head of the ECOWAS fact finding mission to Nigeria, John Kuffor has visited the main opposition party, All Progressives Congress (APC) leaders with intention to hear from the party effort being put in place to ensure a violence free general elections next year.
The former president yesterday in Abuja told Chief John Oyegun led National Executive Concil of APC that he has visited the People Democratic Party (PDP), Indepndence National Electoral Commission (INEC), Human Rights Commission, the European Union Commission, UNDP, the Foreign Minister and the IGP earlier.

He said: “We tried to gain audience with you, but we saw that you are so busy and I said the season is on and so,all politicians should understand. Today, we are privileged to be in your presence and to hear from you, your innermost feelings tone prospects for successful elections next year.”
Responding, the National Chairman of the party, Chief John Oyegun, who paid host to the delegation said the party demands the use of card reader by the INEC for the conduct of the general elections.
Oyegun told his guests that since APC came on board that the ruling party has been jittery and this had resulted into militarization of recent elections in the country.

“We are very happy that the sub-region is interested in the welfare of democracy in Nigeria and has dispatched somebody of no less status of the former President of Ghana. Really, what we are trying to do is to politically and in a democratic sense ensure that the voting population are made aware that power truly belongs to them and that they can hire as they wish and fire when they so wish. That is the basic reason for the APC. The party itself is a response to the national cry because our polity was developing in a manner that impunity became the order of the day.
“The government that was not performing manages to get rewarded with increased votes and increase in the number of states they control and increase in the number of National Assembly or Parliamentary seats.”

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