2015: The year of reckoning

The results of the just concluded APC and PDP primaries came as a surprise to most politicians. Nigeria has wallowed in so much anarchy and ignominy courtesy of unscrupulous politicians to the extent that they, including us the victims of their handiwork have begun to forget that truth will always prevail over falsehood.
It was during this democracy that Nigerians saw what Gandhi meant when he mentioned some of the 7 deadliest sins in the world which are: ‘ Wealth without work, Pleasure without conscience, Science without humanity, Knowledge without character, Politics without Principle, Commerce without morality and Worship without Sacrifice’.

For indeed, we saw the manifestation of each of these vices in all ramification during the sixteen year period Democracy reigned sway in Nigeria under the tutelage of the PDP. We saw people who do nothing with lots of money, we saw those who go to any extent to enjoy themselves and achieve whatever desire to the detriment of the entire society. We saw the way science is being used as a tool for destruction rather than development and humanity. We saw and are still seeing Phd holders who can neither tell black from white, politicians who do not care a hoot about anyone or anything but themselves and immediate families, business men and women who practice all shades of business from the clean to the dirty as well as empty piles and piles of worship  devoid of any kind of sacrifice. Alas! That is our sad reality.

Even though not an active politician, but we all are in one way or the other. My blood always runs cold, hot and then cold again anytime I see undeserving candidates taking the day due to one reason or the other. I see people whom we all know to be devoid of integrity and sound moral character ending up being the ones to represent us in one democratic institution or the other, and  I have always wondered whether these people are actually the best our society can provide in terms of leadership material.

And because they have acquired wealth without work, they end up being hero worshiped and idolized by the poverty stricken electorate they helped in pauperizing.
But at long last, there now seem to be light at the end of the tunnel, because even though lots Nigerians do not believe it, change is imminent in 2015.

Despite my quest and thirst for good Governance, I am one of those persons who believe General Buhari should have retired from active politics by now, especially after his numerous defeats through electoral rigging and left the arena for much younger and versatile youth. But I am also wise enough to know that NIGERIA NEEDS A MAN WITH BUHARI’S TRACK RECORD OF HONESTY AND INTERGRITY. There is no doubt about that.

And considering the fact that he just clocked 72 years of age, his maturity and lifelong experience is highly needed to steer the ship of this country against all the tides clamoring to swallow it into the deep waters.
My hope for Nigeria, as a patriot and as a concerned mother was renewed with the just concluded primaries in the APC. It is now clear to all and sundry that the 2015 general elections are not going to be business as usual. It is a time of reckoning for both the politicians and the electorate.

All over the federation, it is the same story. Even though the politicians are still living the life of lies, the electorates are fast opening their eyes to reality by collecting their monies and all what it is they have to offer and giving their vote to the deserving candidates. Kaduna Gubernatorial and Senatorial primaries are a good example, and so was the presidential primaries held in Lagos.

I had long since despaired, but my hope has now awakened, and convinced that ‘all through history, the way of truth and love has always won’. And knowing that just as Mahatma Gandhi said, ‘a small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history’, I believe we now have the small body of determined spirits. Therefore, the time of positive change has come for Nigeria. It is time we bade goodbye to corruption, anarchy, insurgency, ineptitude, bad governance, lack of respect for the rule of law, of human life, of constitutional provisions.
To all thieving politicians, the primaries are just a start. Nigerians shall continue to collect your monies, eat your rice and vote the right candidate.
Nigerians have awakened. The count starts now.