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At the beginning of every year, people make resolutions. While some follow it religiously, others renege half way and return to their old ways. It is gradually becoming a yearly ritual as some people will personally pronounce their resolutions but fail to abide by them. Some Nigerians who speak with TOPE SUNDAY, however, express divergent views on new year’s resolutions.
I’ll put God first
Alhamdulallah for witnessing the year 2018 in sound health and I thank Allah for His mercy over me and my family. In this new year, I have pleaded with Allah to give me the enablement to always put Him first in everything I do and He alone should be placed first in all our day-to-day activities. I have resolved to serve Him the more and I pray to Him to help me actualize this. Also, I have equally resolved to make good friends that will impact me positively.
However, I have also set a goal for myself in 2018. And my goals are to impact and improve more lives positively through partnership and collaborations of our organization (Hope for Girls and Women Foundation) and other NGOs, and to also expand my business to reach more clients.
Hajia Sukurat Laguda Adelodun—- National Coordinator, Hope for Girls and Women Foundation.

I want to stop womanizing
My new year’s resolution is to stop womanizing. I have been trying to let go off of this habit for years, but I will still find myself in the act again. But this year by the special grace of God, I want to settle down with my age-long fiancé and I know after our marriage, I will not have time for this bad habit again. I have also resolved to stop telling lies. I pray that God will help me, amen.
Ezekiel Sunday—Business man

I want to be more tolerant
I thank God who gave me the opportunity to witness yet another year. Unlike others, I believe in making resolutions every year and since my Secondary school days, I have been making it. Though, sometimes, I will renege half way, the next year, I will still make another one. And over the years, it has been so helpful. In this year, 2018, I have resolved to be more patient with people and with myself. Before now, I have discovered that I didn’t exercise patience in all my dealings. But this year by the special grace of God, I will try to be more patient and I pray God will help me out, amen. Aside my resolution for the year, I have also made my projection for the year, which is my plan to save more money to set up business for my wife and by the special grace of God, by the end of the year, she will be financially independent.
Saheed Bakare—-Banker

I don’t have a resolution
For me, I don’t believe in making resolutions every year. Better put, I am not in support of new year’s resolutions. What is new about the new year’s resolutions? People will make resolutions and they will fail to abide by it. They will renege half way and go back to their old way even if not worse than before. I have seen people who made resolutions at the beginning of the new year, but three months later, they went back to their old way. Is that a life? To me, it is better to keep one’s new year’s resolution to the heart and pray towards it. I don’t have any resolution for this year because I don’t believe in it, but I have prayed to my God and requested for His mercy over some personal issues.
Mosunmola Ayobami—Journalist

I aim to keep secrets
In this new year, I want to be keeping any secret that is kept with me. Over the years, I did not know the essence of keeping secrets. But now, I know better. Secret is a key given to anyone to hold irrespective of your status and if you are not trustworthy, nobody will bother to give you anything to hold for him .We must always prevent that angle not to be exposed. Let live in peace and let live happily. Whatever that is kept with you is secret, make it a secret, and don’t try to expose it to another person. Let us try to make it part of our resolutions for the new year to be keeping secrets.
Comrade Waheed Azeez Olalekan—Graduate

I want to be more truthful
Every year, I have been defaulting in my new year’s resolutions owing to one factor or the other. But one thing that I am sure of is that it has been keeping me going. However, in this new year, I have resolved to be more truthful and do away with lies. By the special grace of God, my watchword for the year 2018 is truth and nothing but the truth. Over the years, people have known me and at the same time tagged me a liar. And this has damaged my image a lot. But now, with the special grace of God, I will be known and seen as a person to be trusted in this year. So, my resolution for this year is to be truthful and trustworthy. May God help me.
Samuel Olaitan Aremu—Graduate

There is no need for resolution
I don’t believe in making resolutions every year and because of this, I will not comment on it. What is its essence? If one walks straight with God, there is no need for any yearly resolutions.
Edith Simeon—Trader

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