2019: 70 youth groups form alliance to ‘rescue Kwara’


Ahead of the 2019 general elections in Kwara state, a total of 70 youth groups have formed alliance with a vow to wrest power from the ruling political establishment in the state.
Known as Kwara Rescue Alliance (KRA), the group lamented that ‘‘the political establishment in Kwara state is retarding the progress of the state economically and politically in spite of the state’s abundant human capital”.
Regretting that the abundant resources have been ‘‘systematically repudiated’’, the group said all that must stop as it intends to mobilise against existing political structure responsible for the backwardness of the state.
Unveiling the group in Ilorin shortly after its inaugural meeting, its Coordinator and Secretary, Abdulsalam Ibrahim and Abdulrasaq Hamzat, respectively, said the emergence of the newly formed political youth group would serve as one voice for youths of the state.
They said the group would be a forum for youths throughout the state to chat a common front for their future.
According to Ibrahim, the youths decided to form an alliance because the governments produced from the political establishment in the state ‘‘have repeatedly failed the people’’.
“Youths are determined to mastermind a paradigm shift, through a united opposition to bring about genuine political change in the state.
‘‘We must chase out cabals, hyenas and the lion that roar out the progress of Kwara youths. The youths in the state do not have a future. Neither do they have favourable environment nor direction. We need a participatory government to have a sense of belonging.
“The youths are the sole determinant factor come 2019 and our position is not shrouded. We are taking over the leadership of Kwara opposition ahead of 2019 general election and end the political career of Kwara political slave master.
‘‘Kwara Rescue Alliance (KRA) shall serve as the voice of the youths and shall be exploring areas of partnership and censorship among all the vigorous political opposition aspirants. Our aim is not to deprive any aspirant of their democratic right, but to ensure that the youths have a common voice going into the general election, having critically assessed all the aspirants that present themselves’’, he said.
Also, Hamzat said members of the group, who are from different tribes, have shunned overtures by some members of the ruling political class to lure them to their side, stressing that they suspected its motive was ulterior.
He said the group would resist temptations by money bags to hijack it even as he said the group was not working for any individual or group of persons.

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