2019: ADP candidate has capacity to be president- Etsu Nupe

Etsu Nupe, Alhaji Yahaya Abubakar, has declared that the presidential candidate of the Action Democratic Party (ADP) Engr. Yusuf Sani, has all it takes to govern Nigeria, considering his brilliancy and his ‘positive ideas of piloting the affairs of people.’

Speaking on Monday when he recieved in audience the presidential campaign team of ADP led by Engr. Sani and his running-mate, at his Abuja residence, Dr. Abubakar, who is the Chairman of Chiefs Niger state also said urged the ADP flagbearer to follow the rule and regulation of the exercise diligently, adding that whatever is the outcome of the election should be accepted peacefully.
Etsu Nupe said: “I must confess that the candidate of ADP is our own, a very close brother of mine.  We have been together for a long time. He, Engr. Yusuf Sani, we know him quite a long time ago. He has many positive ideas of piloting the affairs of people. He thinks very deeply and he actually consider and appreciate situations and also,  at all times proffer solutions to every given problem. We always listern to him.
“He is an individual that we always want to sit with and chat. He is one of our closest confidents that we relate to in terms of how to move our people forward. When he speaks and you listern to individuals with great Ideas…So, I have no doubt in my mind that this race he has entered into, he has all the requirements, all the qualifications to withstand the race.
“I urge you to, please, follow the laid down rules and regulations of this exercise. Because as you know they are so many people contesting for the same position and there is what we call overzealousness and eagerness to do something that may not good in terms of finances and physical being.”
Dr. Abubakar urged the presidential candidate to tell the people of Nigeria his mission and vision clearly, “you need to let them know what you have in stock in terms of policies and that you do for them.”
The traditional leader also use the occasion to call on politicians, especially the presidential candidates of all the political parties to accept whatever the outcome of 2019 general election may be.
Ealier, the ADP presidential candidate, who was visiting the traditional ruler to receive his blessings before embarking on his campaign, said in Nupe land tradition demanda that before you do anything, one has to seek the blessings of the monarch.
Engr. Sani said: “I have been recieving his blessings as a traditional title holder of Jekarda of Nupe, which is the ambassador of all Nupes worldwide, which I cherish, and I’m grateful to him because it has elavated me beyond my imagination.
“Wherever I go, not only in Nigeria but all over and I introduce myself as ambassador of Nupes, like you all know that Nupe is one of the foremost tribes, not only in Nigeria but in Africa, whenever I introduce myself, believe me, I receive a lot of respect and recognition.”
While praying that Alhaji Abubakar’s reign will continue to be peaceful, the ADP presidential candidate acknowledged that people are happy and development have taken place since the current Etsu Nupe’s ascension
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