2019: ADP rejects INEC order of elections

..Alleges rigging plans by APC
The Action Democratic Party (ADP) has rejected elections schedule release by the Independent National Electoral Commissione (INEC), alleging that the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) had perfected a rigging plans ahead of the 2019 general elections.
The opposition party specifically wanted the electoral empire to start the conduct of the election from the State Houses of Assembly instead of Presidential election at the beginning.
Addressing a press conference Thursday in Abuja, National Chairman of the ADP, Engr. Yabaji Sani, alleged that the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) must have perfected a rigging plans for INEC to scheduled Presidential election first.
Yabaji said: “The order of the elections is something that we are not comfortable with because it will mean that APC must have perfected some arrangements to rig the elections, that is why we are having presidential election before any other election, so that they will have all the powers to now interfere with the normal free and fair election that we are demanding.
“So the order of the elections as released by INEC is one thing we are not comfortable with because once you have a president sitting there then he cut it the shots, he can have his ways against the wishes of the people of the country. So, this is one area qe are not comfortable with and I think if that area can be looked into.
When asked on what ADP would have proposed, the national chairman said: “what we would have proposed is to have thise masss based elections to take place first, beginning with the State Houses of Assembly and so on, then going forward we can have the Presidential election later.
“So, we are saying that we want tbe arrangement to be the other way round instead of the way we have it today because the way we have it today it is against what tne democracy is all about. Democracy does not accommodate might because that is what tbey are trying to do. They want to say might is right. So, once that is rearranged I am sure the other will take care of themselves.”
While calling on Nigerians to reject APC and President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019, the ADP chief said: “The ADP is set to lead the Nation out of the woods and the frightening  security situation in the Country. As I speak to you today, the APC led government, in the last three years has demonstrated their unwillingness to unite the Nigerian people.
The nauseating protocols of this Government show that, it does appear that Mr. President understands that we are one nation of different tendencies, different ethnicities and different religion.
It does appear to APC that they must re-work every structure in this country to suit parochial ethnic tendencies and religious tendencies.
“ADP is poised to reverse these dangerous tendencies and promote the innate desire of every Nigerian for a united Nigeria and provide a credible and vibrant political platform to accommodate the youths of this country who are organizing and determined to salvage their country for a better future.”
According to Yabaji, ADP has put in place an effective machinery to produce credible and focused State Assembly, Governorship and Presidential Candidates for the 2019 general elections.
“The need for total  socio –economic and political reforms has become stronger now than ever.  The APC – led Federal Government has failed to meet the aspirations of Nigerians in all sectors.  There is a serious decline in education, Health care, Security and infrastructural development. Regrettably, the economy has also collapsed.”
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