2019: AIG warns politicians against violence

The Assistant Inspector-General of Police in charge of Zone C, Samuel Ogunjemi Lusi on Tuesday warned that federal might will not work in the conduct of 2019 general election.

He cautioned politician to be mindful of their act and shun violence

AIG Samuel Ogunjemi who made the submission at Ebonyi state police headquarters Abakaliki while addressing stakeholders and various ethnic groups in the state maintained that there would be nothing like federal might in the state in the conduct of the 2019 general election and that any candidate banking on it to overrun his opponent would be disappointed.

He emphasized that police would be nonpartisan during the election and is going to deal decisively with any politician who engages in violence or use federal might to intimidate his opponent.

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He said: “Violence will not be tolerated whether from APC, PDP, SDP or Labour Party we don’t want violence. Your power is your PVCs, it is the voting power you have. If you like a party, if you like a person or candidate, take your voting card and vote. If it will take the whole
of the day for you to cue, do that.

“If you want to do empowerment, do it now so that the people can vote for you. But it is not for you to create some thugs and think with that you will be able to overrun your opponent. The police will not sit idle and watch.

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“If you create problems or you bring thugs, we are going to deal with you mercilessly, very ruthlessly. We are going to deal with you very ruthlessly and we have that instruction and we are going to implement it to the later and we wouldn’t want that to happen here.

“One of the Chairmen (APC) is here and since he is here I also want to make it clear that there is nothing like federal might. We are neutral and we are going to remain neutral. Our function is to
maintain security; credible, all inclusive, free and fair elections.

“Without security all these cannot be achieved and that is why you have to corporate with us in the forthcoming elections to make sure the state remain peaceful the way it is”, He said.

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