2019: Atiku ‘ll suffer bloody nose, won’t win in Adamawa- Dambazau

The Minister of Interior, Abdulrahman Dambazau, has said that the presidential candidate of the People Democratic Party (PDP) Abubakar Atiku, will suffer a bloody nose against President Muhammadu Buhari, adding that the Waziri Adamawa might not win even in Adamawa where he comes from.

Speaking with newsmen at a media interactive session at the APC National Secretariat in Abuja, Dambazau said while the president had used his position in and out of office to better the lives of people, Atiku had not imparted on lives outside his immediate circle.

The Interior Minister who spoke through his Senior Special Assistant and former Chairman, House Committee on Security, Hon. Aliyu Gebi, also declared that the dreaded activities of Boko Haram terrorism the country country was in its last days.

“In this race (2019), there is only one gladiator and that gladiator is the current president. So there is no contender. By (Atiku) saying this is the toughest election in the history of Nigeria, yes toughest for him, certainly not for the president.

“As a contender, what has he done for our region? What has he done for us as a people? What has he done for the Internally Displaced Persons, widows and orphans? What has he done for people outside his own immediate circle?

“Where was he when if I was going to Bauchi from here (Abuja) for a journey of 419km that is five to six hours but I’ll spend 9/10 hrs? Where was he when the bombs were going off and people were being killed, slaughtered in their homes? Where was he when people were being abducted, when the poor could not eat because they cannot go out to farm and feed their families? Where was he when people were driven forcefully out of their homes? I ask again where was Atiku?

“As far as am concerned this will be the easiest election, in the history of Nigeria as far as president Muhammadu buhari and APC is concerned; other elections i don’t care about. As far as the presidential election is concerned this will be a walk over Atiku, he will not even win Adamawa much less Taraba or Gombe and then come to Bauchi. We will ensure we do whatever we can, this will be the last Atiku’s outing and he will suffer a bloody nose by the grace of God.”

On security, Dambazau said: “When we talk about the military engagement and so on and so forth, we have the capacity to eradicate, decimate, destroy and alienate book haram. If we didn’t, will tell you we don’t, but we do. But there are variables to contend with.

“When Boko Haram started, it was seen as a Northern problem to our southern brothers. Even in the north it was seen as a Maiduguri problem, even within Maiduguri it was seen as a Kanuri problem until it became an existential treat. We need to face treats squarely before they become fully operational. So our horizon scanners should begin to look beyond Boko Haram, there might be something, Boko haram has reached its end, no matter what the level of the attacks are, it has reached its end, there is absolutely no doubt about that.

He said with the Chief of Defence Staff, Gen. Gbenga Olonisakin, taking a centre stage and promoting cohesion among the service chiefs, it was a matter of time for insurgency to be completely wiped off.

“If the government hadn’t achieved what it claimed to have achieved, would it had been possible for market in Maiduguri to be opened? Would it have been possible for people to go about their daily activities as it were before? Absolutely not!

“I just gave an example, which check points were there between Abuja and Bauchi? You could count them. So certainly, successes have been recorded. Certainly, some level of decimation, some level of dismantling has been recorded. It is not a 100 per cent yet, but certainly we are working towards that 100 per cent mark.”

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