2019: Buhari reaffirms commitment to Nigerian project

President Muhammadu Buhari has reaffirmed his commitment to move
Nigeria forward, saying the ball is in the court of the electorate to
vote wisely by electing people with credibility and integrity in the 2019 elections.

The President, who was represented by the Executive Secretary of the
Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETfund), Dr Abdullahi Baffa Bichi at
the annual MauQkbi celebration in Kano at the weekend, explained that
the electorate have a crucial role to play in the fight against
corruption and bad governance.

He said his administration has done a lot in correcting the wrongs of
the previous administrations and it could do more if given another
mandate by 2019, assuring that his mission was to reassemble Nigeria
to return to the glorious days which would be the pride of every

“Although, this is not a political gathering, kindly allow me to
intimate you on our policy thrust and our commitment to make this
country great. We are indebted to serve you diligently and make our
country grow in prosperity for a better living and you too should help
us in this regard by making sure that only credible people get
elected,” he said.

President Buhari pointed out that corruption is the major impediment
to Nigeria’s growth. He however assured that with the efforts put in
place by his administration, the country had taken the path of
development and this could be consolidated if Nigerians renew their
mandate to the administration.

He commended the leader of the Qadiriyya sect, the late Sheikh Nasiru
Kabara whom he described as a reformer and scholar whose work in
religious propagation has no equal as he dedicated his life to the
service of the Almighty through the promotion of religious
understanding, peace, unity and tranquillity among the people.

Meanwhile the TETfund boss has promised to publish all unpublished
works of the late leader of the sect, Sheikh Nasir Kabara as part of
his contributions to sustaining scholarship and religious development.

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