2019: Esu Jikwoyi cautions youths against, violence, vote selling

Rather than being a tool for violence and manipulation of the forthcoming general elections in 2019, Nigerian youths have been urged to be an instrument for the advancement of democracy and positive change in the country.
The Esu Jikwoyi, His Royal Highness, Rev. Dr. Bawa S. Jetta, handed down the advice over the weekend during the coronation ceremony of the Archbishop Prof. Leonard Bature Kawas, as the Great Manzo of Jikwoyi and in fact Gbayi people in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).
The traditional ruler also advised the youths against selling their votes to the highest bidders noting that those that desperately sought to buy votes don’t always mean well for the masses and the youths in particular.
According to the Esu Jikwoyi, Nigerian youths should deploy their youthful exuberance to bring to power a government that will focus on job creation, provision of infrastructure and good governance.
“Nigerian youths must be vigilant, desist from all forms of electoral evils. We have heard so much about how they are being misused by desperate politicians in several parts of the country. But our advice is that they should not allow themselves to be a tool for electoral evil.
“Don’t toy with your vote; it is the weapon you need to install credible leadership at all levels in Nigeria. Don’t sell your PVC, instead use it to elect leaders that you think will represent you well and bring in dividends of democracy.
“Our youths must not allow themselves to be deceived by desperate politicians who want to use them to cause violence, halt our democratic stride, instead, the youth must use their permanent voters’ cards to elect God fearing leaders who will represent your interests”, he said.
Urging them to embrace national unity, he noted that both Muslims and Christians share a common faith in that they all are answerable to God who is not partial.
He noted that both religions preach oneness and recalled years gone by when Muslims and Christians inter-mingled, a development that he said foster unity and gingered common national interest.  
Speaking on the decision to bestow the traditional title on Archbishop Kawas, he said: “And we have found a God fearing person in the Freedom and Justice Party Senatorial candidate, Prof. Leaonard Bature Kawas. Before his coronation he had been involved in the provision of so many welfare programmes for the benefit of our people.
“Your presence in our midst has brought multiple positive changes in the lives of our people and we as a people are happy to have someone like you seeking to represent us at the senate and approve and will support your aspiration”, he assured the candidate who was at the ceremony with the leadership of the Freedom and Justice Party and many supporters.

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