2019: Ex-presidential aspirant canvases support for Tope Fasua as president

A former presidential aspirant and founder of a consulting firm, Liberty Approach & Allied Consults (LAAC) has called on Nigerians to support the aspiration of the presidential candidate of Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP) Tope Kolade Fasua, in the coming election.


Emejuru, who had left the All Progressives Congress (APC) for the ANRP because of what he called “non-friendly youth policy of the ruling party,” said it is time Nigerians see reasons not to vote again for either the APC or PDP.


In a statement released to the media on Thursday, the young Nigerian politician based in America said he had took his time to study all those contesting the 2019 presidential election and their manifesto but decided to support Fasua “because of his competency, programme and his love for the Nigeria.”

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The statement read: “Since I have stepped down as aspirant for President in 2019, I have had time to observe the many individuals who have decided to take up the mantle as Presidential flag bearers of their respective parties.


“The APC and PDP, usual suspects, who have entrenched the political system with alleged assaults of god fatherism, vote buying, and manipulation of votes have proven once again that by example, neither party or candidate is fit to lead this Nation.

According to Emejuru, by voting either President Buhari of APC or Alhaji Atiku Abubakar of PDP, it will amount to recycling old politicians.

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“Why bring in recycled politicians? Politicians who show little interest in good governance but more interest in looting the treasury.
I know my country will get there one day but it starts with we the people.

“We have a choice now in Tope Fasua of ANRP. We must not vote for a party because of tribalism, ethnicity or religion. We must now vote in someone with a conscience. An alternative to the status quo. An alternative to poverty. An alternative to hopelessness. This is why I endorse Tope Kolade Fasua of the Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party,” he stated.

He, however described his new party as an ideal political movement “for a better Nigeria and a prosperous future for each and every Nigerian.”

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