2019 general elections may not hold – Utomi

The former Presidential Adviser
Former Presidential Adviser, Prof Pat Utomi, has said that there were strong indications that the forthcoming general elections in 2019 may not hold.
The presidential aspirant and professor of political economy said he drew the conclusion based on the outcome of primaries of various political parties in the country, which he said did not give hope.
He said that one of the reasons the elections may not hold was that leaders in Nigeria have obsession to themselves, forgetting about services to the masses.
Utomi made these revelations while speaking during the 70th anniversary of Students Christian Movement (SCM) of University of Ibadan, entitled “Treating the Ailing Nation”.
He maintained that primaries across parties were the pointers that the general election might not hold as he declared that Nigeria was ailing for lack of love and compassion, decrying that people cannot find their voice.
“Can you take seriously any of the primaries that have taken place? We are going to have all kinds of troubles. People within parties will try to sabotage one another.
“This will spillover. The development might lead to postponement of the elections. The signs are not the best for our democracy”, he stated noting that political parties have not conducted themselves in a manner that give positive signals.
He alleged that the nation’s public sphere was captured by criminals and real armed robbers and ‘entrepreneurs’ of power.
He maintained that those who enter the arena of leadership were not people who have capacity to lead, adding that Nigeria would soon be considered as a dangerous state in the international community.

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