2019: How I’ll fix Nigeria – Kwankwaso


Promises to resign if he fails

A former governor of Kano state and the senator representing Kano-central, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, has declared his intention to run for president in next year’s elections, vowing to resign and never to seek second term if he failed to deliver on his promises.
Kwankwaso, who promised to fi x the country “within a very short term,” added that “nobody else can do this.
” Declaring this yesterday through his official Facebook page, the former governor said: “Enough of political promises that deliver next to nothing.
Nigerians are tired of epileptic power supplies that had been used as election bait for decades.
” Continuing, he wrote: “All Nigerians uninterruptible power supply without causing holes in their pockets through workable Public-Private-Partnership that will generate massive employment and industrial revolution.
Our dependency on crude oil, since independence, has brought us to where we are right now.
It’s time to wake up and create conducive environment for industrialisation and business successes.
” Kwankwaso, who did not disclose the platform on which he would run,, said: “To fixing Nigeria will not take long time.
Really easy and fast – I am going to ensure that all basic amenities that will guarantee convenience and wealth creation are provided within the first six months.
PPP is the only answer for long-lasting infrastructures maintenance.
“My name is Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso.
I am indeed very ready to fix our great country.
My numerous and unmatched achievements as two terms governor, senator and many other political office holder is my leading credentials.
With over 10,000 success stories and millions of lives being touched – Nobody else can fi x our great country.
Un-interruptible power, good meal, wealth creation & empowerment, perfect security, pleasant homes, safe drinking water, beautiful roads, affordable health care, economic stabilities, free education and everything to make you happy are possible.
“I will gladly resign and refuse to contest for the second-term if these basic amenities remain unsolved because I am more than 100 per cent sure of exceeding your expectations.
Join me and let us fi x our great country once and for all.


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