2019: Leaders Nigeria needs

There is something that cannot move, think, or talk, but can hear when you send it on errands. That thing is money. needs who will give us great ideas and selfless service that will arrest the greed and selfish nature of political .

In my considered opinion, those who must begin the “environmental sanitation” must be equipped with intelligent planning which is essential for their success, and decide at the outset how to get results through enforced positive behaviour. Such a force, whether you call it first, second or third, must not make the mistake of expecting voluntary obedience to its burning desire to take out of the valley of underdevelopment to the top of the mountain and make her strong there with its sight set on egalitarianism.

The starting point as the 2019 elections beckon is to demand who will be faithful to their promises and the followers will reciprocate with their votes. The time is ripe for who will give instructions and the followers obey and put them away in the correct folders (a reference point) for future generations. Until the majority poor are delivered from the spell of inaction and move to throw out the few bad apples spoiling the country, nothing will move forward in this country.


John R. Jimoh,

1, Isale Ijagba Street, Sagamu,

Ogun State

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