2019: Should PDP concede presidential ticket to Atiku?- Vospop

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Though, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has not declared his intention to take another shot at the country’s presidency come 2019, his recent defection to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) from the All Progressives Congress (APC), makes it easy to hazard such a guess.
NNODIM EUPHERASIA in this report asks some Nigerians whether PDP should concede its presidential ticket to him or not.
Atiku’s past’ll hunt him
Because of the legacy he (Alhaji Abubakar Atiku) left while he was in the PDP; he allegedly looted the money that even the President (Chief Olusegun Obasanjo) whom he was the deputy to was not even comfortable with the whole situation. That made Nigerians to lose trust in him and even if you have a father and you don’t have confidence in him, then there won’t be any mutual relationship between you.
When we decide to say who ever that is competent enough, who has a better manifesto to actualize the dream of Nigeria, and we are hoping to give the mandate to any platform to become the president of the country, it will not be Atiku nor Buhari himself. At the moment, we are after who can do better, we are after the betterment of the country; we don’t give power to someone who will come and make money. We are after the person that can wipe away the tears of Nigeria’s from hunger, from all sort of something that will not lead Nigeria to a greater height.
The issue remains that when a father gives birth to a child whatever name given to that child is his/hers and it remains. So, whichever party he runs to even if he runs to APGA or to APP, so far as the legacy he left is still there, nobody will vote for his party. For example, with what Governor Yahaya Bello is doing in Kogi State, it will be very hard, because of his legacy, for the Kogites to vote for him again. So, relating to Atiku Abubakar, whichever party he runs to, the legacy he left in PDP before is still there and he should count himself out of one of the future presidents of Nigeria.
As far as Nigeria is concerned, we want somebody who can do us better, who can move us to the permanent site that is meant for us. We don’t need somebody who will take our money outside country, building bungalows and be taking the money away from us, we Nigerians while the masses are crying. Take a look at the recession now, recession that we have been into; relating to this fuel scarcity in Nigeria few days ago people are dying , hunger very where and all sort of recordation and all of those things. Yusuf Armstrong – Computer Technician

PDP’ll should not trust him again
I don’t think there is anything wrong with Atiku defecting to PDP. It’s common with all these politicians well if I must say. Atiku’s defection does not guarantee that he will be able to win the PDP’s primaries even if the party should sale the ticket to him, because money is involved. It a simple thing! This is politics but for Atiku to leave his party and wondered around and came back, then he has really lost the 2019 election to someone else; because PDP is certainly not going to overlook its trustworthy members for someone who could leave it at any point in time. Ken. Anthony – selfemployed.

He should be given PDP’s ticket
It doesn’t mean. It is not a new thing in the political system, I think anywhere someone wants to go to in Nigeria the person is free to do SO .It depends on the party if its law forbids such or not. It is that law that will let us know if he will win the election or not. But when the law is open then why won’t he take advantage of it; yes he can still be the president, even I myself I can be a president its just for him to meet up with the party’s criteria. We are all Nigerians. A.JYKE. J – Selfemployed

PDP members should not allow him to outsmart them
People have been in the PDP when since he left for the APC. Now, he can’t just bounce back and take them over. So if he qualifies, fine and if he doesn’t, still fine. All is politics and the people that have been doing the whole work since he left will take leadership. Jumping from party to party is a usual thing in Nigeria, he is not the first person, even before our president won the presidential seat he moved from party to party. It’s the same thing, forming another party and going into same party is the same; after all, you are still moving from party to party. All of them are looking for a suitable place where they can carry. if he should return to PDP and they see him good enough good, but if they don’t, then the people that have been there should move it on. Kanyinayochukwu Okorie – Selfemployed
Groups renew anti-graft campaign via media outreach
Notable civil right groups in the country have launched a new anti-corruption campaign with the hope of reaching the elite and locals through an intensive media outreach programme.
The groups, Human and Environmental Development Agenda (HEDA) and Journalists for Democratic Rights (JODER) renewed the vigorous campaign early this week when Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials were distributed across the 36 states of the federation using the print media.
In a statement yesterday, HEDA Executive Director, Olanrewaju Suraj, and JODER official, Adewale Adeoye, said the programme was aimed at deepening democracy and discouraging corruption and other social ills that hinder the livelihood of millions of vulnerable Nigerians.
“Corruption is like a cancer. The earlier it is removed, the better. Corruption is linked to poverty, violent crimes and extremism which are major threats to individuals no matter the social or economic status. We are glad about the understanding of the media that we need to work together to bring an end to the scourge,” the groups said in the statement.
HEDA and JODER noted in the fliers that fighting corruption “is the obligation of men and women, herdsmen of the plain fields, fishermen on the high seas, farmers on the hills and the valleys, teachers, students and children,” adding that “everyone’s future is tied in one way or the other to how we deal with the scourge of corruption.”
“It is in your own interest. It is in the interest of our children and generations unborn. This is the only way Nigeria can be saved from ridicule and contempt by the international community. It is the best way to safe desperate women and children dying in hundreds on the high seas and being exploited, raped, dehumanised and famished in what has now become the new slave trade.” (Premium Times)

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