2019: Will ‘controversial’ congresses affect APC national convention? Voxpop

Ahead of the 2019 general elections, reactions have continued to trail the APC ward and local government congresses held in all states of the federation. With glaring factions and defection of chieftains threatening the party’s chances at the polls, PAUL OKAH and HALIMAT OZOMATA seek the opinions of Nigerians on the party’s upcoming national convention.
APC will win, but… Nothing will stop APC from winning the presidential election. As we all know, conflict is an inevitable part of any organization: political parties are not exempted. A single event like ward congress seldom determine the fate of a political party, especially a ruling party like APC.
The real problem, which gives the party cause for pessimism, is the coalition currently going on. Obasanjo is a political juggernaut and you can tell by his serious tone that he isn’t in a jocular mood. He has distinguished himself as a person who knows what it takes to prevail and all individuals, however unique they may regard themselves personally, must in some ways, reckon with him. Another thing that gives the cause for pessimism is their sole candidate for the presidential race. Uptil now, no other candidate has shown interest in contesting against Buhari in the APC.
The President’s political fortunes have been marred by disagreements over cabinet appointments and even threats of impeachment. Many voters, who once loved the President, have now become disillusioned with his ideas. So, the greatest problem facing APC is their choice of candidate; not the internal problems they are having. In the end, order will always prevail over chaos. Some of the headlines kicking around are just media pervasive coverage, which is to pull in readers. Michael Otu, a teacher.
PVC against APC If the APC put their house in order, the controversies between them will vanish and the national convention will be a success. However, a successful national convention doesn’t mean that they will win the general elections next year; because they are simply confused. Look at the hullabaloo caused by the Mace incident at the National Assembly and the IGP’s snub of the Senate.
That does not refl ect a serious government. Moreover, the party is being criticized because of bad policies and you can hardly blame us. We need the PDP, because people are dying of hunger and starvation. At least, during the PDP administration, there was food and other things for the masses. No matter what, things were somehow affordable and that reminds me of the “bring back corruption” campaign. In the guise of fighting corruption, APC leaders simply embezzle money for themselves, why the masses suffer in abject penury. This must not be allowed to continue. Convention or no convention, my PVC will speak against APC next year. Joseph Odey, a civil servant.
PDP at the advantage Looking at the outcome of the recent APC congresses, it’s obvious that the party doesn’t have any vision or plans for Nigeria. The only plan APC had was to take over power from PDP, which they succeeded in doing, but their inability to organise themselves will cost them the 2019 general elections.
While APC has the Francis Jessica Ibrahim Sadiq power: INEC, ballot boxes, soldiers, police,etc, PDP has the people and will defi nitely take advantage of APC’s incompetency to record landslide victory at the poll. However, who wins the presidential election in 2019 is not guaranteed to anyone. This is Nigeria and we all know how things work. Blaise Ibe, a computer engineer.
Controversies handiwork of cabal The fighting APC members have to be sincere to themselves and ensure that their involvement in the national convention would be devoid of corruption.
They should deemphasize the issue of money. The best way is for them to be sincere and become good leaders; that’s if they are ready to serve sincerely.
The controversies recorded in the ward and local government congresses are just to deceive the ignorant electorate. The cabals running the government know how to come together to ensure that they take up the leadership. They will be give and take at the end of the day, so they will resolve before the national convention in June. Jessica Musa, a seamstress.
Selfish interest causing controversies Whether there is controversy or not, people are making up their minds to vote out the APC next year. It’s not the convention that will give them victory in 2019 general elections.
There is a lot of starvation, poverty and hunger in the country, because money is not circulating well. If you don’t pay a particular civil servant, he can’t go to the market to buy anything or pay children’s school fees. Leaders are elected because everybody cannot be in charge of the national resources. They are expected to give a sense of direction, construct hospitals, schools and roads. However, the APC government has failed in this regard. Nevertheless, the fighting members will reconcile their diff erences, because they must produce candidates for next year’s general elections. Every group you see has both individual and collective interest, so I sincerely won’t bother myself.
If a politician is complaining, it is because he is not being carried along. He is not part of the people wining, dining and enjoying the loot of the government, so he will be fighting for recognition. However, Nigerians won’t give the APC a second chance to put us in perpetual servitude. Ibrahim Yusuf, a TUC Secretary.
Only God can stop Buhari The only person that can stop Buhari is God and himself, in case if he decides not to contest again. Obasanjo feels intimidated that Buhari is going to break his record of ruling Nigeria for 11 years: three years as a military head of state and eight years as a democratically elected president, but people are out to stop his selfi sh interest.
Th ough the ward and local government congresses recorded absolute and partial successes in different states across the federation, such is expected of every political undertaking. Ours is a nascent democracy.
In Imo State, Okorocha is not happy because he didn’t get his way, but it is what people want that prevails. People are happy in Ebonyi, Abia and Rivers states. Ekiti State had a controversial APC governorship primaries that may likely be rescheduled, but it is the beauty of democracy. The controversies being witnessed in the party is because everyone wants to join the winning party. Iheanyi Obasi, a clergyman.
APC against Nigeria progress Controversial congresses were witnessed in states during the ward and local government congresses, as some people were killed in Lagos and Gombe states. That is to tell you that doom is being spelt for the country by this ruling party. Zamfara, Plateau, Bauchi, Niger, Yobe, Sokoto and many other states recorded controversial congresses too, which is just as a result of selfi sh interests from party members. Nevertheless, APC’s nemesis is the lack of democracy dividends being denied the masses by the Federal Government and state governors, and that will certainly affect their chances at the poll.
For instance, if President Buhari has given bailout funds and states refuse to release the money for the same purpose, then the money cannot go round. The APC government has simply lost it by being insensitive to people’s plight. About 50,000 people have been relieved of their positions in Kaduna State. Is that the promise of El Rufai to his people? Doesn’t he have human sympathy? This are the questions we should be asking ourselves and you can’t expect them to go back and vote that type of governor. Sadiq Umar, a taxi driver.
Selfish interest bane of Nigerian politics There will always be controversies as long as Nigerian politics is concerned, because everyone wants to become a millionaire. After 35 years in service, a civil servant will retire with an amount that is not even enough for a Senator to spend in a day, so why won’t people be involved in controversies to protect their interests?
Whether it is the APC or PDP that is power, controversy will always trail any of their activities. The just concluded ward and local government congresses, which ended in controversies and death of more than two innocent Nigerians, are just a foreshadowing of what will happen in the national convention and even the 2019 general elections. As politics is one of the easiest ways to get employment and become rich in this country, don’t be surprised if the youth continue to pander to the whims of selfish politicians, despite the orientation by different wellmeaning agencies. Time will tell whether we can learn from our mistakes and desperation to get it right in the country. Francis Wale, a trader.

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