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On Monday, the media was awash with a purported statement by the United States President, Donald Trump, in the Financial Times that he did not want to meet “a lifeless president” again, in clear reference to the person of President Muhammadu Buhari.
PAUL OKAH speaks to Nigerians on the implications of the controversial statement, with regards the 2019 general elections.
Buhari still the best for 2019 I don’t care what Donald Trump or whatever he calls himself will say of Buhari, the truth remains that he’s the best of all the leaders that the country has produced.
It is said that one will surely attract enemies if he is succeeding in what he is doing, so I am not surprised at the statement from Trump.
It is no longer news that Trump is a racist, which is evident in his utterances, even before he was elected American president.
Therefore, his statement on our president must be disregarded, as nothing good or commendable can be expected of a racist.
Even if the opposition, especially the PDP, are rejoicing and claiming that Buhari is indeed old, incompetent, dull or lifeless, I still prefer to give my support to Buhari come 2019, because he is simply the best among the crop of politicians jostling to steal the nation dry.
Quote me, a lifeless Buhari is better than all the PDP thieves that looted the treasury for 16 years they were in power.
It should be noted that Buhari has made life hard for the corrupt PDP politicians that are used to free money, therefore, they are just puffing and huffing in vain.
Nigerians should beware, as the bad PDP politicians want Buhari gone by all means, but God is on His throne.
Friday Obidah, civil engineer.

Buhari will lose 2019 I am not surprised at the statement credited to American president, but he surely knows better about the current health status of our president.
Or, what do you expect from a supposed leader, who runs off for treatment abroad at every given opportunity? In case you do not know, Buhari is fast losing his influence and charisma among the people he is leading.
In fact, the supposed ‘’lifeless” statement by Trump is to show disapproval for Buhari, who has shown every indication that he would rather die than give up power to another person.
Buhari still imagines he is the best leader that Nigeria has produced in the history of the country.
However, 2019 general election will definitely be a game changer in Nigeria, because Buhari will lose.
In fact, all eyes will be on Nigeria, especially the international community interested in the affairs of the country.
As a result, if Buhari rigs the election, with the help of INEC and the police, then the victory will not be accepted in the country and the international community.
Mark my words.
Cynthia Nwabuisi, human resource manager.

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Trump should be ignored It is often said that ignorant people speak faster than they can think and that education does not necessarily mean that one is enlightened or informed.
Having said that, no one expected the Nwabuisi Obidah Martins Alice US president, Donald Trump, to come out in a public space to utter such drivel being accredited to him.
But that is if the report by Financial Times is anything to go by.
Nevertheless, if the report of the April meeting between President Buhari and Donald Trump is true and that the American president called Buhari “lifeless”, then I am ashamed and angry at Trump.
I can even question his sanity and that of those taking it on the face value.
How on earth can any sane person give recognition to Trump’s comment? To me, that is insane.
It is a well known fact that Trump’s stock in trade is to insult and denigrate personalities, so nothing short of bad utterances should be expected from him.
It could be recalled that he even insulted Senator John McCain, even in death, when others were talking about the late Vietnam war hero in glowing.
Talk about not having respect for the dead! If that is not insanity, then I don’t know what is.
If he could insult his country man that was revered by many even in death, then we should think twice about his statement on our performing president.
Ahmed Sadiq, civil servant.

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Nigeria needs a change There are many things happening in Nigeria that many citizens are not aware of.
Therefore, when a foreign body exposes the secret, they are attacked and shouted down for saying the truth.
It is not a hidden secret that Buhari is not healthy and is being forced by cabals to continue ruling this country, even against his wish and the detriment of his health.
He has not been doing well since he was elected and the evidence is very clear for everyone to see.
He should give way for a younger person; in order not to die in power like Umar Musa Yar’ Adua.
In fact, I will encourage the PDP to field a young and intelligent candidate against Buhari in 2019, so that the difference will be very clear for everyone to see.
I believe that the 2019 election will also present a chance for the restructuring of the country, as being suggested in some quarters.
If a national protest starts in the country, because of the restructuring issue, the international community will definitely pressure Buhari to restructure the country; as a way of moving the country forward.
I believe it is this his inability to listen to the good wishes from his people that is even making Buhari to be regarded as not being capable of leading the country.
Nigerians are desirous of a change other than what we are getting from the APC and the change will start from 2019.
Adeleke Martins, scholar.
Trump may be right People can love or hate Trump for saying that president Buhari is lifeless, but that will only reveal which side of the divide they belong to.
Nigeria has been structured into a society of people who knows the truth, but refuse to say it and those who believe in the truth and say it no matter whose ox is gored.
Fortunately, Trump has said what is on the mind of many and it behoves on us to see the reality and act, especially with 2019 around the corner.
Nigeria will either live or die.
From all the countenance exhibited by Nigerians, especially from the Northern part of the country, Nigeria is already dead.
Not with these Boko Haram cataclysm, herdsmen attacks and what have you, and the president has not checked the atrocities, mainly because he is surrounded by security chiefs who are also from the same part of the country.
If this ineptitude on the part of the president can be regarded as being “lifeless”, then I totally agree with Trump.
They can be no more a lifeless act than allowing the citizens you are supposed to be protecting to be slaughtered in their numbers in Benue, Plateau, Borno and other parts of the country; without your even deeming it fit to visit and commiserate with the deceased families.
Ozomata Omuya, businessman.
Nigeria in trouble Nigeria is supposed to be a sovereign nation, but we are not living up to our biddings.
The country has been divided into ethnic and religious lines and we should not be surprised to read comments from foreign bodies about us.
It is he who brings home ant-infested woods that is inviting lizards for a feast.
No right thinking Nigerian should be surprised at the statement alleged to have been made by Trump because we invited it on ourselves, through our actions and inactions, which are closely monitored by international and local organizations.
Nigeria is in trouble because our leaders have tenaciously worked the country to it’s demise: through their fanaticism, nepotism and tribalism.
In a country with an estimated population of 180m, Buhari is regarded as the best man to rule Nigeria.
With all the bad things happening in the country, Buhari is still being regarded as a very intelligent and hard working man, who can walk 800m without resting and to show he is energetic.
All those complaining about him now should wait for 2019 to change the narrative by voting a man that is not lifeless.
But for now, we are in trouble.
Aliyu Alice, secretary.

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