CNPP dissociates self from Owan-Enoh’s adoption


The Conference of Nigerian Political Parties (CNPP) Cross River state chapter has rejected last week’s adoption of the governorship candidate of All Progressives Congress in the state, Sen John Owan

Enoh by some governorship candidates.

Addressing journalists yesterday in Calabar, through its chairman, Sunday Michael, CNPP said “we are flummoxed and aghast beyond comprehension as to why a politician in the class of Sen John Owan

Enoh will be so gullible and or perhaps out of desperation to govern the state be so deceived by inconsequential political scavengers, impersonators and desperados.

“As a matter of fact, the said adoption, which in truth was nothing but a scam with the ingredients of fraud spiced around it, was attended by 12 political parties and not 15 as it was so claimed.

“Of the 12 political parties, six were impersonators and impostors; that is to say, only 6 out of the 12 were in attendance. The chairmen of the misrepresented parties are here to refute all claims with same

ready to suspend their governorship candidates for adopting an unsellable candidate and for anti-party activities.

“Secondly, on what basis was Sen Owan-Enoh adopted as a consensus candidate when Owan-Enoh and Dr Usani Usani are laying claims to the same ticket. Who authorised them to carry out the adoption when chairmen of the said parties have since denied their involvement?

“Here with us are 32 political parties, their chairmen, over 15 gubernatorial candidates and 320 exos of the 32 political parties, including eight political parties that were criminally mentioned in the charade called endorsement. The question then is: who adopted Sen Owan-Enoh?”

The body said plans were underway to adopt one of their own in a grand ceremony scheduled for 26th January 2019 by 4pm and that “all political parties’ governorship candidates and their deputies, state

chairmen and their excos, the national executive of the CNPP, civil society groups, amongst many dignitaries would grace the occasion”.

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