2021: Top football clubs with largest Fanbases in the world

When people think about the most popular, most followed sport in the world, there’s no doubt that football is the first to come to mind. International by nature, professional and amateur leagues can be found in dozens of countries, alongside enthusiastic fans that will follow their favorite players to the end of the globe.

In Europe especially, a select few of the most celebrated organizations dominate the football sphere and create a national sports culture unlike any other. Although fandom changes and evolves as players transfer and titles are won or lost, there are a few European football clubs that have remained steadily popular over the years. With screaming crowds that gather in their millions both in stadiums and watching from home, here are the world’s top 5 football clubs in terms of biggest fanbase.

Real Madrid 

First on our list is none other than the King’s Club, or the Spain-based football organization, Real Madrid. Founded all the way back in 1902, the club has royal roots as seen in its emblem where a crown sits above the team’s logo. Not only is Real Madrid historically significant, but they are also presently admired for being the only team in UEFA Champions League history to secure a whopping 13 titles. They’ve been victorious both at home and abroad, racking up dozens of trophies in the process.

As such, it’s no surprise that the team has garnered a massive fan base during their time on the field. Real Madrid currently have the largest number of supporters out of any European team with around 239 million dedicated followers. The “Galácticos” or “superstars” as they are known, are also one of the top organizations that football fans most frequently place bets on. After all, with so many accomplishments and more on the horizon, who wouldn’t put their absolute faith in the King’s Club? Nowadays, as online sportsbooks become more widely used in Europe and abroad, even overseas supporters are researching the best site for their needs. For example, the BetMGM sportsbook review outlines the platform’s unique features and offers so that potential users can understand what exactly the site provides before jumping in. This means that Real Madrid followers that are based in the U.S. are taking part in the action, propelling fandom onward to even further afield.

In fact, because the organization’s following base is international in scope, stadiums are often filled with fans who have crossed borders and defied language barriers in order to cheer their elite athletes on. There’s truly nothing quite like a Real Madrid football game.  

The exterior of Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, the location of Real Madrid’s home matches 


It’s only fitting to follow up Real Madrid with the organization’s biggest rival: Barcelona FC. Famously and historically adversaries for dozens of years, the league has even given the pair a proper name for when they come together in matches: El Clásico. But this time we aren’t talking about the royal club, rather the Catalan football organization that has mesmerized countless fans since their start back in 1899. For over a hundred years, Barcelona has been collecting enthusiastic followers and today they have nearly 230 million.

Officially known as Barça, the team is La Liga’s shining star, having won just a few more trophies than Real Madrid in national and global competitions throughout the years. Barça fans, or “Barcelonistas” are some of football’s most enthusiastic and committed followers, known world-wide for their blue and red jerseys that have taken over Camp Nou for decades. The bottom line is that, if you’re an international fan who hasn’t seen El Clásico with your very own eyes, then such a match should undoubtedly be on your bucket list. After all, for Barça supporters, the chance to see Lionel Messi kick the ball around in the flesh is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Manchester United 

Moving on to England for the third team on the list, Manchester United FC is the country’s most followed organization with around 134 million cumulative cheering fans. Founded in 1878, the club has won 20 Premier League titles, coming in just behind fellow English team, Liverpool FC. Each year thousands of supporters gather in their home base, Old Trafford Stadium, which seats a whopping 74,140 heavily spirited fans.

Football lovers from around the world have remained extremely loyal to the Red Devils, whether by attending games or following along with the team on social media. In fact, they currently have nearly 40 million Instagram followers as of today. Similarly, you’ll be hard pressed to visit Manchester without passing by vendors selling MU jerseys or must-have team memorabilia. The Red Devils are feared by their competition, and wholly admired by their fans.


Crossing the continent to arrive in Italy, Juventus FC is the nation’s most popular football team and the world’s 4th in terms of fanbase. With around 92 million supporters, Juventus Stadium stays packed to the brim. In Italy, the organization is one of the most successful teams along with A.C. Milan and Inter Milan.

Especially now that famous Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo plays for Juventus since being traded from Real Madrid, fans are ecstatic to have the world-renowned forward on their side. Although there have been some rumors that the team will cut ties with the player next summer, nothing has been officially announced as of late. Fans are expectantly waiting to see what’s in store for the organization as finals draw closer.

Barcelona FC’s famous Catalan slogan translates to “More than a Club” in English


Traveling back to England, Chelsea FC is another one of the country’s best clubs and widely followed teams. With approximately 86 million fans and more joining all the time, the London-based organization sells out stadium seats year-round. One of the hottest tickets on the Premier League calendar, fans travel from far and wide to see their favorite players battle it out on the green. The Blues draw both Londoners and visitors to participate in a stadium energy unlike any other. If you ever find yourself in the Queen’s country, a Chelsea match is not to be missed.

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