2023: Allow Igbo presidency as Buhari’s successor, Cleric tasks Nigerians

Rev Fr George Ehusani has canvassed support for the Ndigbo to produce the occupant of the exalted seat of the presidency in the 2023 general election.

Speaking during the round table discussion Thursday in Abuja, organized by Development Specs Academy (DSA), he explained that there is the need to give Ndigbo a sense of belonging in the scheme of things in the country.

Ehusani likened Nigeria to a car with knocked engine in dire need of a good engineer that can fix it back to the path of growth and development.
The cleric believed that the Ndigbo are blessed with an array of tested professionals from all walks of life to address the problems of the country.

Said he: “The Nigeria vehicle is knocked, nothing appears to be working well. While their is the noise about it is our turn, it is not your turn yet is going on, though the choice of the President should be decided on the basis of merit but it has to be fair.

“Let it go round the six geopolitical zones first before we cancel it. I believe it is gross injustice and unfair to say the South East should ignore it. We should not. Beyond that, in the South East we can get the kind of engineers we are talking about to fix the knocked engine. If we are looking for mechanics to do that, we will get them.”

Admitting that bad leadership is responsible for the backwardness of the country , he called on youths to take advantage of their numerical strength to vote for competent Nigerians in the general election.

He added: “It is time for the youths 18 years and above wake to wake up from their slumber. We keep thinking of some messiah to come fix Nigeria. It’s in us. The way Nigeria is run before now won’t save us. 

“You the young people need to reject them. They have failed. We cannot afford to vote the same people that have driven us to the precipice. All those responsible for ruining Nigeria should be rejected roundly.”