2023 and Nigeria’s gloomy future

One wonders how Nigeria’s amalgamation came into being by 1914-1960! Historians might have stored how Nigeria became a sovereign nation that consists of many cultural and religious groups. This might be the reason the nation’s development has been very slow. This country to those who fought for its independence would have set aside every tribal and the religious inclinations that prevent any form of development to thrive. Nigeria is not alone even the giant India has had the same idiotic idea but all the same their quest to improve their economy has been successful having embraced unity. India’s population is more than a billion just next to China

Pakistan and Bangladesh were formally one country but today Pakistan despite all odds is fostering its development. They too are primarily engrossed in the political evil of divide and rule tactics of tribal and the religious bigotry. This has been so since 1967 when Pakistan got its independence from India and subsequently Bangladesh from Pakistan! Britain, our colonial masters, colonialised India, but the independence of India was somehow bloody while that of Nigeria was peaceful but a time bomb was concealed just underneath. 

This is what we see today from 1914 – 2014, one hundred years after colonialising Nigeria our supposed hope and aspiration. What is now happening in Nigeria is brought by President Muhammadu Buhari or APC. No, this has been going on since 1963 – 1967, 1979 – 1984. You know the political rancour of 1966 where some disgruntled elements did their worst by eliminating the First Republic and entrenched their own people to forcibly rule Nigeria by military fiat. It was fortunately dismantled by the then brave soldiers of 1967 – 1975, hence General Yakubu Gowon became head of state. Even though Gowon is a Christian, every part of Nigeria was happy and embraced the said military General with all the seriousness of purpose excluding the then South-east, a region that contains one ethnic group who masterminded the first coup in Nigeria. 

It is surprising that these people who call themselves “members contributing chaos” are still very much around seeking their own nationhood. They are now killing their supposed enemies, Hausa-Fulani, in their zone, expecting a reprisal attack from the North, disregarding the worst that happened by their relative friends in the North-east and North-west of Nigeria. One must know that the political problem of Nigeria statrted since the emergence of democracy in 1960 up to 1984. The 1979 election came and those who did not get the mandate of 1983 did connive with outside forces to dismantle such ego to run a proper democracy and we know it all happened to satisfy those outside our shores to control our economy. Nigeria is no failed state as presumed by our internal foes that connived with the external foes. Nigerians seeking their own nationhood should enquire why British government has refused the Irish movement to get their own. Similarly, today there are many states in America agitating to have their own nations.

Comrade Ibrahim Abdu Zango,

Kano, Nigeria


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