2023: APC, PDP ‘ve taken dangerous paths to Nigeria’s disintegration – ADC

The national leadership of the African Democratic Congress (ADC) has warned Nigerians to beware of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) ahead of the 2023 general elections, saying the two parties had taken dangerous paths to Nigeria’s disintegration.

While the APC had settled for a Muslim-Muslim ticket despite agitations against the move, the opposition PDP refused power shift to the Southern Nigeria.

The ADC also declared that from all indications the ruling APC can not put an end to insurgency unleashed on Nigerians by Boko Haram and ISWAP.

ADC has, however unveiled the spokesperson for the Coalition of Northern Groups, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, as its global campaign Director General.

Delivering his maiden speech at the unveiling on inclusivity, diversity, peace and united Nigeria, irrespective of religious or geographical region, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman said his team has developed a winning strategy not only to penetrate the North but to deliver Dumebi Kachikwu as the next Nigerian President.

“As the 2023 fresh round of general elections draw closer, Nigerians can see that major political parties in the contest have inadvertently taken the dangerous contours that led to the events of 1966 which laid the foundation of the collapse of the first republic Nigerian politics and the setting in of regional, religious and tribal hatred, jealousies and distrust.

“This they have done by reincarnating the process of presenting presidential candidates that tend to tilt towards a heated struggle for political ascendancy solely for regional, tribal and even religious domination and not for the unity and reintegration of a people and a nation desperately in need of leadership. This, without doubt, is a recipe for disaster and greater conflict.

“Fortunately, one party, the ADC, has opted for neutrality, justice and equity in chosing all its candidates for the 2023 general elections. By choosing its Presidential candidate, Mr Dumebi Kachikwu, a young entrepreneur and social crusader from the South-South or the Niger Delta.

“Dumebi is not in anyway tainted or dented. ADC listened and chose generational shift and someone who has not been part of the corruption in our governments. ADC cares. Yes we listen and we care.

“By this, the ADC has not only presented the alternative vehicle for unification of the country, but also avail Nigerians with a candidate that is for all intents and purposes, represents the organic link between the old generation and the emerging new generation which is the natural and legitimate claimant to the task of reshaping the society everywhere.”

According to the campaign DG, with the right political will and quality of leadership, such as presented by the African Democratic Congress, the ADC, Nigeria can stop the current general and pervasive insecurity resulting from widespread communal conflicts; we can bring lasting peace to the South, East, West and Northern parts of the country by finding solutions to the Fulani and his cattle, to the divisive regional tensions, unnecessary separatist agitations, as well as stop millions of our children living wretched lives in the search for education, and wasting the greatest asset of the nation, which is its human capital.

“Consequently, our people have been left in the doldrum for too long and the country rudderless. The systemic corruption insecurity and rent collection syndrome has resulted to our dear country being the poverty capital of the world and our intelligence and defence institutions stripped naked. Nigeria has become one of the most unsafe nation with the blood of the innocent flow like rivers. Life is unbearable in the country because leadership has failed.

“The ADC’s primary mission is to change the current Nigeria’s political culture from one that serves only the leaders, to one which creates leaders that serve the people.

“Today, not all Nigerian leaders are committed enough to work to solve the nation’s basic socio-cultural problems, its regressing economy or address its precarious future.

“Many of our leaders today will prefer to leave the bulk of Nigerians in poverty, fighting each other, so that they can continue to manipulate them during elections, but not showing real commitment to reducing youth unemployment, insecurity and poverty, and have failed to deal with Nigerian problems, not to mention international issues.”

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