2023: APC UK chair joins joins presidential race

The chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the United Kingdom, Dr. Philip Idaewor has expressed his intention to contest the post of president come 2023.

Dr Idaewor stated this while addressing top officials of his platform on his “Hope 2023” mantra. 

He said there was need for a new Nigeria devoid of dead woods in the governance of the country, saying that it was enough of re-cycling of leaders in Nigeria.

 “Nigerians need new pragmatic and energetic leaders that will take the country to the promise land after 60 years of non-performance. 

“Living in the United Kingdom for over 30 years has taught me what it takes to be a qualitative and God fearing leader”, he said.

The UK APC chairman told his audience that what the country needed most now was good affordable and qualitative education, uninterrupted electricity supply and well-funded health sector. 
He promised a total war against insecurity, kidnapping, bribery and corruption at both low and high levels. 
According to him, unemployment would be reduced to almost zero level as all the dead companies and industries would be functional again.
He stated his commitment to the establishment of new industries with the assistance of foreign investors.
Dr. Philip Idaewor is a pathologist/scientist based in the United Kingdom.