2023: Bishop Kukah drops fresh hint

As 2023 general election draws closer, the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Matthew Hassan Kukah, has revealed that Nigerians have become more intelligent than their leaders.

The clergyman explained further that Nigerians are now more mentally aware than those governing the country.

He spoke on Wednesday, adding that was the reason for agitations.

He added that it won’t be a bad idea if those who don’t know seek knowledge.

Kukah made the observation in Abuja during the presentation of his new book, “Broken Truth,” as part of activities lined up for his 70th birthday.

The Bishop said, “The agitation that persists in Nigeria is largely borne out of the fact that those who govern us are not aware of how much mental progress ordinary people have made.

“Those who are being governed are more intelligent and endowed. And it will not have been a bad thing if people who don’t know seek knowledge.”

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