2023: Borno media group raises the alarm over intimidation, threats to youth’s jobs 

A group in Borno state, Guzamala Social Media Forum (GSMF), Sunday raised the alarm over threats of youth in the civil service losing their jobs for supporting political parties other than the party of the aspirants currently in office.

A statement issued and signed by chairman of the group, Comrade Sanusi Zannah Busami in Maiduguri, stated that  an officer of the House who has served  the Guzamala LGA of the state as member for over 12 years and  has no personal house in the local government area  he represents and is threatening his constituents to vote for him or lose their jobs.

 This threat is allegedly directed at civil servants and teachers. 

The group appealed to the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state to ensure a hitch-free, fair, just and credible party primaries, devoid of manipulation or disfranchisement of the electorate who are prepared to effect a change of baton.

The statement added that on 13th May, 2022, a group stated their fears to GSMF in an interactive session with the hope that their voices would be heard for urgent intervention and solutions.

The statement said the leader of the group lamented the political problems bedeviling the LGC.

“It is electioneering time and we all have our choices. It is the right time to make it happen differently. Enough is enough.”