2023: Candidates above 60-year-old should keep off

Approaching 2023 general elections, a lot of candidates started declaring intentions to run for president with false and misleading statements that they are capable of making Nigeria better when given the chance.

Those who have declared their intentions should note that we Nigerian youth have heard a lot of such statements previously. I’m competent, capable, accountable and transparent have been the major trend by and among (the) candidates since the inception of democracy.

To this end, no candidate above 60 years of age would be allowed or supported to mislead Nigerians with his/her political demagogues again.

Precisely, youths have not been involved in the political affairs of the nation for a long time even though we are the backbone of the society. To the best of my knowledge, youths have been the roughneck to the politicians to play their dirty game.

As such, youths are to decide now who and who should not to run for the 2023 general elections, and this should be based on merit – good antecedent, pedigree, integrity, security tips, among other developmental strategies.

Painfully, Nigeria has been battling with fiascoes of different types as a result of the old political ideologies; it’s an open chapter to every Nigerian that from 1999 to date, septuagenarians of similar faces have been ruling the country.

Thus, the nation is moving downward in all ramifications, ranging from economy, health, education, employment, transport, agriculture, industries, among others.

Moreover, youths have been used and dumped on several occasion by the nation’s politicians hopelessly. As such, youths are nowhere to be found both socially and politically.

On this note, no one above 60 years old will be allowed or supported by the Nigerian youths to emerge the next president.

Finally, this is calling on the gullible youths to be extra careful with those politicians who have started declaring interest to contest for president. They have been in the system for a long time but nothing tangible to show for it.

We need to be included by getting apex positions in government if not let’s contest because we have all it takes to produce a president in the country. Let’s not be used as thugs again.
Ukasha Rabiu Magama,Toro, Bauchi state