2023: Chijioke Okoro campaign posters flood Abia streets

A political group seeking to effect positive leadership change in Abia state, on the aiges of Abia Youths Awake Group (AYAG) has flooded the state with campaign posters of Ambassador Chijioke Okoro, calling on him to join the 2023 governorship race.

Spokesman of the group, Mike Igwe, told our correspondent in an interview that their desire to drag Okoro into the race was borne out of bad leadership the state has experienced for a long while.

“Abia state has been badly govern over the years when compared to other state of the federation. We are determine this time around to instore a good leader that would wipe the tears of people of Abia that have over the years suffered from under-development, pooverty, lack of good leadership, lack of vision, youth unemployment, educational setback, poor innfratructural development among others.”

Igwe who is also an activist said the people of the state can no longer afford to allow the state taken over by selfish politicians who were deseruos to enrich their pockets and leave the people to wallow in suffering.

The activist described Ambassador Okoro as a man of humility, hardworking, philontropist, God-fearing person “who is eager to reposition thefortune of the state for better” saying with Okoro’s youthful age, he will be in a better position to understand what the Abia people wants.

He regretted that both the present and past leaders in the state have dragged the state backward.

Igwe urged the people of Abia state to be wise and join them in drumming for the success of Ambassador Okoro in the 2023 governorship race, saying they have commenced mobilisation of the people in support of the mission.

When contacted for comment, Okoro who welcome the idea thank the group for believing in his capacity to effect a positive change in Abia state.

Okoro, however said he was still consulting stakeholders across the country on the mission.