2023: Cleric charges CAN, PFN to mobilise Christians for partisan politics

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Lead pastor of the Transforming Church Reverend Sam Oye has charged Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and Pentecostal Fellowship (PFN) to galvanize Christians to participate in politics in order to bring about good governance and positive change in Nigeria. 

  Reverend Oye who stated this during an interactive session with journalists on Wednesday in Abuja, said one of the major missions of the church is to become a leadership development hub.

According to him, the failure of the church to produce leaders is responsible for the leadership deficit in the country, adding that many Christians are suffering because they refuse to get involved in politics either as voters or as candidates.

He said: The major responsibility for the unification of the church in Nigeria rests on the shoulders of Pentecostal Fellowship (PFN) and Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN). They must make the necessary sacrifice to initiate the process that will lead to the unification of the church in Nigeria.

“Jesus greatest prayer is that we all may be one. And I think the major mission of PFN was to bring Pentecostal churches together. The Major mission of CAN is to also bring the church together. Together with their individual influences, CAN and PFN must unite their energies, their influences, and galvanise in order to bring about a major change in this country. Part of the assignment in unity is to create consciousness among Christians on the need to get involved in voting and politics especially at the grass root.”    

According to him, “Our assignment and mission as a church is to become a leadership development hub and to change the narrative because all churches will tell you that there is a difference between discipleship and leadership. It is like the separation of State and religion.”

Speaking on the insecurity, he said lack of political will and adequate funding was responsible for rising insecurity in the country.

“What is happening in our country so far is not the absence of military might to get the job done but there is so much absence of moral and political will to get the job done.

“If there is a political will, of course, money will flow in the direction of political concern, since there is no political will, even if money is disbursed, it will not get to the users which are men who are fighting.

“The military men in this country are well trained. They went to ECOMOG, other West African countries like Liberia, Sierra Leone and they’re also part of those who helped people like Rwandan. To say that our soldiers cannot deal with bandits and Boko Haram, I don’t agree with that .Our soldiers are gallant.”

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