2023: Don’t be misled by politicians, deputy speaker advises Ebonyians

Ahead of the 2023 general elections, the Deputy Speaker of the Ebonyi State House of Assembly (EBHA), Rt Hon. Ikoro Kingsley Ogbonnia, has advised Ebonyians, especially the youth, not to allow themselves to be used by selfish politicians to cause problems in the state.

Addressing journalists Friday in Abakaliki, the member representing Afikpo North-west constituency in the Ebonyi state House of Assembly said many selfish politicians were fond of using the youth to cause problems in the state.

He said: “We should be mindful of what we do today, because what we do today will come to haunt us tomorrow. The state belongs to all of us. We should be careful in any political position we find ourselves in today, because there is a tomorrow. Any office we occupy today belongs to the people.

“We should not encourage violence in our land. This country, state belongs to all of us. When these people tell you to go and kill this or that person, tell the person to bring his son. You have sons and brothers, give the gun to them to go and kill for you.

“We should learn to do politics with conscience. Politics could be a means, but it is never an end. Power belongs to God. Whatever you do in this world, you must have a conscience and think about the human and the God factor.”

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