2023: Don’t vote greedy politicians, Jonathan warns Nigerians

Dr. Goodluck Jonathan

Former President Goodluck Jonathan, has charged Nigerians to vote for someone that has the interest of the nation and the people at heart and not someone that will compromise the citizens interest for his own aggrandizement.

Jonathan made this known while briefing pressmen Thursday after paying a courtesy visit to the former Head of State, General Abdulsalami Abubakar, at his uphill residence in Minna.

He said, “We all wish our country well especially, for the young people, elections are coming; they have to select the person you believe that will lead us well, serve us well, the leader is also a servant. As a president, you lead, you serve.

“Somebody that will take the interest of all of us, the interest of the country, somebody that will not compromise our own interest for his own aggrandizement.

“Somebody that will carry all of us along, most especially, somebody that will take Nigeria as a project,” and prayed that Nigeria would have a free and fair election, which will be conducted in an environment that there will be peace and love.”

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