2023: GEJ, don’t be deceived

Please, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan don’t let anyone deceive you, Allah has vindicated you for being a people’s leader while you were president of the country but Nigerians, especially in the North, cannot understand this because of their myopic thinking coupled with insecurity challenge facing the region which elite in the region make poor people believe you are the architect.

In the buildup to the 2015 elections there was a dark cloud of uncertainty but you acted as leader to save the county from being engulfed in a serious internal crisis if not a war. You saved Nigeria and became the face of democracy and strong advocate of non-violent elections in the world. Remember your belief in Nigeria, patriotism and love for Nigerians would remain a good reference point to other president.

After your famous call at 4:45 pm to accept defeat while votes were still being counted during the 2015 elections made you a peace lover and a role model to African leaders and the world at large despite efforts made by nefarious elements in the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) who were determined to hold on to power at all cost. Even General Muhammadu Buhari as he was then called expressed shock when you called him to accept defeat, ‘Good evening Mr. President, I have called to congratulate you and I concede defeat’, he was silent for quite a while because he was surprised and President Jonathan said ‘did you hear me?’

Former President Jonathan did what many leaders in Africa cannot do. This was a proof of his resilience and commitment as promised to the electorate in his acceptance speech, at the PDP 2014 National Convention at the Eagle Square, Abuja. He said nobody’s political ambition is worth the blood of any Nigerian and no Nigerian would lose his life because of his second term ambition.

Your Excellency, due to your patriotism you have altered the course of Nigeria’s history and Africa at large in spite of the fact that you may have wielded power ineffectually but in refusing to cling to it illegitimately, this simple act but hard for many politicians to do was an unprecedented and courageous act in Nigerian politics, and it caught Nigerians and Nigerian watchers by surprise.

Please don’t disgrace yourself, the same so-called your admirers, like Nigerian Young Professionals in Diaspora (NYPD), and other self centered
admirers gave you a week ultimatum to declare your presidential bid are sponsored crowd. If former President Jonathan can be honest to himself coming back to tackle the huge problems is imaginable as the problems are now beyond you despite having done well as Nigeria’s president for five years.

From where can you start tackling present problems the country is facing considering mountainous challenges await the new president? Remember, the nation’s economy is in chaos, Insecurity is unprecedented. Scores of innocent Nigerians are killed daily by bandits and other criminal gangs while terrorists are rampaging across our country.

Maintaining your reputation is most paramount by barring yourself from participating in the forthcoming elections. Please, don’t listen to them as they will only entice you to the contest, to spoil your hard earned international reputation since your concession. You have been honoured with international awards and invited to deliver keynote remarks at global conferences on everything – from peace-building to improving educational opportunities. Jonathan is particularly sought-after as a champion of democracy, and leads international election observation teams for the National Democratic Institute in Liberia and the Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in South Africa.

Last year, former president Jonathan confessed his experience after leaving office while inaugurating the 6.25Km Sabon Kaura-Jos bypass road constructed by the Bauchi state government. ‘Most of my experience is that after leaving office, some people just forget that you even exist. There are people who act like they can’t eat without you when you’re in a position of power. But once you’re no longer in that position, they move on and act like you no longer exist.” said the former president.

As things stand, most southern politicians can see the sectional machination behind the sponsored lobby to have President Jonathan back. And it will be vehemently resisted by APC aspirants who include the sitting vice president. Other leading politicians who facilitated the formation of the APC will also view the co-opting of Jonathan as a grand betrayal by Buhari should it happen. They are likely to immediately gang up against the former president. In the aftermath, the party will implode and splinter.

Dukawa writes via [email protected]

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