2023: Goodluck if APC implode, Marafa drags CECPC to court

A former Senator and chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) Senator Kabiru Marafa, has declared that he would drag the current national Caretaker Committee of his party to court, adding that he was care whether the party implode ahead of 2023 general elections or not.

According to Marafa, President Muhammadu Buhari has said it publicly that if you are aggrieved against the party (APC) then go to court. So if we are operating within the law I don’t think we have committed any sin.

Marafa’s faction held it’s own parallel congresses in Zamfara state on Saturday.

Addressing a press conference Sunday in Abuja, the APC chieftain said “nothing is left in the party to do.”

He said the President had always tell his people to stand for their rights.

When asked whether crisis rocking the ruling party may lead to implosion, the APC chieftain said: “I have the responsibility to be a good son which I have been in the APC but when the father or the mother wants to sniff life out of me. I have a right to defend myself. If there is going to be an implosion that will tear APC apart, already they have already torn us apart so goodluck it is their own cup of tea.

“We have participated in the Congresses, after this I am heading straight to the court. I have told Mai Mala Buni to leave the sleeping dog. I told him don’t press us to the wall, but he has pressed us to the wall. In fact, he has pushed us into the wall and we are going to fight back.

“Whatever the consequences this will bring, I want the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to note this because I am sure he is not aware of the illegality Mai Mala is committing. We are going to challenge Mai Mala’s Committee in the court and I don’t care whatever anybody has to say. Mai Mala Buni has looked for my trouble and I am going to give him ten times.”

Marafa urged the President to ask governor Mai Mala Buni where he got all the claims he made in his declaration of assets form to the Code of Conduct.

Marafa said he was on the salvage mission to rescue the APC ahead of the 2023 general elections

While explaining the rationale behind illegal Congress held in Zamfara on Saturday, the Senator said the current  leadership of APC is operating the party “as if they are operating an ‘Amalanke’ (local toy truck).

“What they are doing is wasting the party’s resources and the peoples’ time. This cannot hold anywhere in the world but we only join them to show them that look, ‘you don’t have the monopoly of madness.’ This 24 hours notice, cannot stand in any court of law. I want to thank my people because we conducted successful ward congresses. I want to thank the security agencies and the state governments itself for the matured way he handled the situation. 

“We participated just to tell everyone that madness is not an exclusive preserve of some people. 

“The essence of this briefing is to tell Nigerians why there is a faction again in Zamfara. Let everyone know that this faction came about because of the way and manner APC national is trying to suppress us in Zamfara state. 

“We want to tell Mai Mala, Zamfara is not Yobe state. In an interview I granted Arise Television, I sent a direct warning to him, he should learn to leave the sleeping dog lie. They didn’t heed that warning. 

“Now APC looked for our trouble, we did not look for APC trouble. We did everything possible to accommodate our new visitor (Matawalle) but APC at all the points frustrated us. 

“It appears APC national headquarters is at loggerheads with rules and procedures. They want to prove at every point that they are law breakers and uneducated. We have participated in the congresses, after this I am going straight to court.”

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