2023: Group mobilises for Atiku, Okowa’s victory in South East

Atiku Abubakar

Coalition of South East Support Groups for the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic party (PDP), Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has said that Atiku was the only template Ndi-Igbo can use to secure presidency in future.

The national coordinator of the Coalition, Chief Ejikeme Odumegwu, said this in Enugu while inaugurating the South East coalition group in Enugu on Thursday.

Odumegwu charged all members of the PDP in the South East to be united to deliver Atiku Abubakar in 2023, stressing that with his candidacy, they could right the wrongs and restore peace and progress in the country.

Odumegwu also urged Ndigbo not to throw away their political energy to an inchoate and uncoordinated political moves and frenzy of the moment, stressing that Atiku is the only chance for Igbo presidency in 2027. 

While calling on the group to be focused on Atiku/Okowa project, Odumegwu reminded them that “the coalition group is to coordinate, sensitize and educate the people of South East on the reasons and circumstances of emergence of Atiku Abubakar and his Vice as PDP flag bearer.

“We in the PDP must be united especially in the Southeast to deliver AtikuAbubakar as president come 2023 because it is only of this template can Ndi-lgbo secure more chance of getting to the presidency than throw away our political energy to an inchoate and uncoordinated political moves and frenzy of the moment.

“We are not going to engage in the usual jamboree campaign but in a grassroot mobilisation built on a pragmatic mass base.

“All hands must be on deck down to each polling booths to ensure the victory of AtkuAbubakar in 2023 to dislodge the impeding and disastrous carnage of the APC choice of 2023, which is a ticking time bomb, waiting to explode our unity, peace and progress.

“There is no rational for a Muslim/Muslim ticket. It is an insult to our sensibility and offends whom we are and what we believe in as a people. It is a direct attack on our strength and believe, and tactically portends that our political process can be ignored. 

“With Atiku Abubakar’s candidacy we can right the wrong and restore

peace to this nation.” 

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