2023: Group urges parties to zone presidency to North Central

Youth under the auspices of the North Central Network for Better Nigeria (NCBN) Thursday called on political parties to zone 2023 presidency to the region in the spirit of fairness, equity and political inclusiveness

The group stated this at a press briefing in Minna. It was addressed by its director general, Ambassador Jibrin Abdullahi Muregi.

He said: “Therefore, based on the scenarios presented, any political party that zones its presidential ticket to the North Central zone with the added premium value placed on youth participation and practical involvement of young people in politics in governance will most likely have the undiluted support of young Nigerians.”

He stated that since the inception of democracy in 1999, other regions have taken a shot at the presidency except the North central. He added, the North central need four year tenure to balance the ratio.

The group argued that the North Central in all ramifications has not been fairly considered and it has benefitted the least among the six geo – political zones considering its size, population and contribution of votes to the victorious political parties at all times.

He  said, “That is why the North Central Network for Better Nigeria strongly believe that it is the turn of the North Central geopolitical zone to produce the president of Nigeria come 2023.”


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