2023: IBB reveals utmost desire for Nigeria 


Former Military President General Ibrahim Badamasi has explained that his desire is for the nation to remain united even after the 2023 election.

The former ruler stated this in Minna on Thursday in an interaction with journalists 

He said that Nigeria has tried to be united amid challenges and admonished politicians to put National interest above all interests.

He said,  “I recalled how the nation was able to maintain its cohesion even after the civil war. I urge  younger Nigerians to read history to be able to appreciate the contributions made by individuals to keep Nigeria one”.

Asked about the 2023 general election, Babaginda said Nigerians must remain confident, optimistic, and focus and avoid being used as political ponds.

He said all stakeholders must maintain peace during the electioneering campaign and the election proper.

He said,  “my desire,  is to see Nigeria remains a strong and united country with prosperity and people living in peace with one another”.

Also in his assessment of Nigeria at 62 years after independence, he said ” So far so good, first of all, couples of years after independence maybe about 7 years after independence we went into a civil war which was turbulent but we able to come out of it quite successful in the sense that the country remains one”.

General Babangida said after that successive Nigerian governments both Military and Civilian have all engaged in trying to keep the country united saying ” so far we are still a united country”.

He, however, admonished Younger Nigerians to read more about the history of the country; ” to find out what happened in the past and how we came about as a country”.

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