2023: Igbo presidency campaigners are jokers —Tinubu group


The convener of Tinubu Not Negotiable (TNN) Kunle Okunola, has described those clamouring for a president of Igbo extraction as jokers.

TNN is one of the groups pushing for the candidacy of former Lagos state governor, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to be president in 2023.

Okunola, a chieftain of the All Progressive Congress (APC) said, “attempts by some members of the APC from the southeast to seek the office of the presidency was an effort in futility because the region “wasted 16 years of its quality time in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and now wants to actualise its ambition in APC.”

The TNN convener who spoke at a press briefing on Monday while unveiling the group in Lagos, said the South-East has nothing to show for supporting the PDP and does not have any candidate that can beat Tinubu in 2023.

Okunola, a former Lagos State PDP Organizing Secretary, said though some Nigerians were of the opinion that the southeast region deserved to have a shot at the presidency, those with such a view should have seen why the southeast has never been taken serious.

“If the South East has spent 16 years of their quality time in the PDP and when the party held a national convention, no southeast person indicated to contest for the president, it tells so much.

“We only saw Atiku, Tam­buwal and Saraki on the field. The southeast people are now moving in droves to APC to get tickets; that tells you that they are not serious. Nobody has marginalised them, but their political style has actually marginalized them.

 “You spent 16 years of your quality time in PDP and you cannot fight for presidency there. You abandoned your goal post to struggle for the presidency in APC,” Okunola said.

Taking time to explain the reason he has been canvassing support for the Tinubu, Okunola pointed out that TNN stands for power rotation and the unity of the country.

“Our support is not limited to Tinubu; we also support the unity of the country. We have actually been promoting power rotation. We want power to rotate to the South and go to credible hands. That is why we narrowed it down to Tinubu and also we expressed our support for the unity of Nigeria.

“Tinubu’s chances of becoming Nigerian president is very bright and can never be affected by APC’s problem,” he added.

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