2023: Lamido picks ADC presidential forms, rejects zoning

African Democratic congress (ADC) presidential aspirant, Shamsudeen Lamido has faulted the clamour for power shift to the southern part of the country.

Speaking after picking his expression of interest and nomination forms at the party headquarters in Abuja, Lamido argued that the country stood the risk of losing the services of competent Nigerians if those behind such clamour succeed.

Lamido identified religion and sectionalism as part of the reason why the country have not achieved growth and development since it gained independence in 1960.

“We are not talking about North or South. We are talking about competence. Whether you are from the East or West or South or North wherever you come from as long as you are from Nigeria you should aspire for the presidency of Nigeria.

“We are talking about somebody that would recognize the value of participation, somebody that would eliminate tribalism that has eaten into the fabric of the society. We don’t want those that would take advantage of religion to achieve their selfish goals. We are going to regulate religious affairs.

“The procedure of voting for the president is not about where you come from. Let’s not allow the weaknesses of saying whether you are from the north, south decide who to choose. We are not interested in this. 

“We are interested in a leader that would bring equal participation across the nation. A leader that would give everybody in various institutions across the nation equal participation. 

“Let us vote for a person that sees everybody as a Nigerian. Not a man that see you as somebody from the north, south or east. That cannot solve the problem.”

Lamido said he has signed two hundreds memorandum of understanding (MoU) with various developmental experts across the world who have promised to help catapult the country to the level of China, Dubai and Korea within a  space of 8 years if he actualise his presidential ambition.

ADC’s National chairman, Chief Ralph Nwosu said the decision by Lamido to aspire on the ADC ticket speaks volume of the level of acceptability of the party by Nigerians.

He disclosed that eleven presidential aspirants have so far picked the expression of interest and nomination forms of the party to aspire for the presidency of the country.