2023: Northern coalition backs Anyim for president

As 2023 general elections draw nearer, coalition of Northern civil society organisations on Monday endorsed former Senate president, Sen. Anyim Pius Anyim for president, noting that his presidency will ensure Nigerian unity.

The CSOs under the auspices of Arewa Concerned Civil Society Organisations of Nigeria (ACCSON) said that in the spirit of fairness and equity, South East should produce the next president as the only zone that is yet to assume that exalted position, adding that a presidency of the former secretary to government of the federation will unify the country.

ACCSON Spokesman, Comrade AbdulSalam Mohammed Kazeem, in a media briefing said there is need to ensure power shift to the South East, adding that the experiences garnered in various arms of government have set Sen. Anyim apart.

He said this was in response to a meeting of over 30 Northern CSOs in Kano in March on how to unify Nigeria and move it forward.

According to AbdulSalam, the meeting looked at unity in diversity, rotational presidency, insecurity, youth unemployment, youth inclusiveness in governance among others. “The sitting supported a one Nigerian project. We realized that only two out of the six geo-political zones have not occupied either president or vice president seat since 1999 till date, which is unfair and against any democratic standard.

“The South East are part of the Nigerian project from day one till date and should be treated fairly just like other zones of the country. They deserved to get what others have gotten, because they have paid their dues in terms of contributions to Nigeria. The region is captured in all other sectors of the Nigeria based on federal character from 1999 till date, but are denied the two positions.

“With the rotation of the presidency; We believe strongly that all these agitations for separation will stop not only in the South East but in other regions since the essence is to quench marginalization and promote unity, brotherhood and pan Nigerian sentiments. We urge all political parties to zone their presidential ticket to the South East for justice, equity and fairness.

“We hereby present a bridge builder, Sen. Anyim Pius as our candidate for 2023 presidency based on the following: he is an accomplished statesman, a legal professional, former secretary to the government of the federation and former president of the Senate and chairman of the National Assembly.

“As a detribalized Nigerian who has good intentions for the youths and our region, Senator Anyim Pius remains the best for the region and the nation. He has full knowledge of governance from the executive, legislative and judicial arms, which remains first of it’s kind in the history of our nation,” AbdulSalam said.